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On May 14, 2012, in News, by Mineral

The two massive remixes by Ben Kama and Defence are finally out. Ben Kama’s remix of my track Reach For The Stars is a really dope dancefloor track. Defence’s remix of “One Still Remains” is a perfect liquid dnb roller. I’m really feeling both of these tracks and I’m so glad that they’re finally out on In Da Jungle -recordings. Thanks to Ben Kama and Defence for the remixes, much appreciated!

Listen and buy the tracks below

Mineral – Reach For The Stars (Ben Kama remix)

Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence remix)

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Recommended album, Icicle – Under the Ice

On April 20, 2012, in News, by Mineral

Just had 3 cups of coffee and spent some time listening to drum’n'bass at juno. Man, there’s some really good music out there… Especially loved the album “Under the Ice” by Icicle out on Shogun audio. It’s released on 2011 but somehow I had missed it totally. Better late than never… Really great atmospheric music. Check below:

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Things are about to get heavy, as we celebrate the 100k visitors at with an absolutely brilliant free dnb track. The track “Tree” is produced by a Finnish artist Aki Haapaniemi alias Dak (Lightless recordings), and it’s filled with rough bassess and amen breakz. After being mastered by Macc at, the track is now available exclusively here at

Dak’s tracks have gotten massive support from various DJs worldwide and his Dak EP for Lightless Digital 2011 was a huge success. However, Dak has announced that he decided to step away from producing dnb, so this track will be his last release.

If you like the track, please show Dak some appreciation -> like this post & spread the word! Free Track #34: 

Big ups to Dak for this amazing track. Download .mp3 or .wav and enjoy the track below!

Dak – Tree (.wav)
Dak – Tree (.mp3)












Want to read more about Dak? Check out his interview at

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Bulb – Into the Deep 016 podcast

On March 12, 2012, in News, by Mineral

Bulb is without a doubt one of the biggest names in the deeper dnb scene with nearly 4000 soundcloud fans. This time he pampers us with a special 2-year anniversary Into The Deep 016 -Podcast. I was really glad that he played my new tune “Living the Dream” among a bunch of high quality tracks. Thanks a lot Bulb, much appreciated. Listen & download below!

01. Fill – Natural Pattern [free]
02. Venture – Together We Fall [Night Tracks]
03. Borealis – Not Of This Reality (Crimean Remix) [Origami Sound / free]
04. Coerce – Chatuchak [dub]
05. Evy Jane – Sayso (Julien Mier Remix) [King Deluxe / free]
06. KeOSz – Mountain Level [Offworld dub]
07. Mineral – Living The Dream [dub]
08. Oscillist – Finding Solace [dub]
09. Neurotoxin & aColdZero – Camel [dub]
10. Beastie Respond – Dreams & Reality [dub]
11. Blu Mar Ten – All Or Nothing (Bulb Rethink) [free]
12. Mutated Forms – Feels Like [Med School]
13. FullCasual & The Torch ft. Intimate – Mute [Intelligent dub]
14. Thesis – Eclipse [Rotation Deep dub]
15. Nuage – Satellites [Reminiscence Audio dub]
16. Mode – Towers [free]
17. SoundNbeats & KeOSz – Foggy Night [Rotation Deep dub]
18. Sean Byrd – Woke Up Missing You [Plastic Sound Supply / free]
19. Korsun – Trees [dub]
20. Barefoot – Darkling Sky [dub]

Thanks everyone for music! Love each other.

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Still remember that Bulb was actually featured back in december 2011 here at with his brilliant free track Iceberg? Read more
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Esc – Free Tracks Season Two mix

On December 30, 2011, in News, by Mineral

To Celebrate the New Years Eve 2012, it’s time to listen to the Free Tracks Season Two -mix by a Finnish junglist called Esc. Listen and download the mix and the 15 free tracks below! Free Tracks Season Two – Mixed by Esc [download the mix]

01. Diphasic – De Chante [listen | article]
02. Bulb – Iceberg [download | article]
03. Puzzle – No Motion [download | article]
04. Wagz – It’s Got To Be Worth Something [download | article]
05. Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Antony G Remix) [download | article]
06. J Melodic – Key Tempo [download | article]
07. Mineral – The Streets of New York [download | article]
08. Resound – Northern Lights [download | article]
09. Wagz – Network [download | article]
10. Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral Remix) [download | article]
11. Mauoq – Unknown Recipient [download | article]
12. Dangerdogg – The Moving Couple [download | article]
13. Fishy – Air [download | article]
14. Mineral – The Focus [download | article]
15. Agro Feat. Paralloyd – Mind Over Matter [download | article]


Esc alias Juha Riipinen is a co-founder of the very first weekly running drum’n'bass club “Kongo” in Tampere Finland back in the 1990′s. Later on, his talents behind the decks has made him a popular guest dj at parties around Finland.

In addition to his busy dj schedule, Esc produces music too. His drum’n'bass release “Lost and Found” (IDJ) w/ a remix by myself, is available at proper digital recordstores (e.g. juno, beatport). Also, Esc has made quite a few ambient downtempo tunes that are available at his soundcloud. Make sure that you also check and follow Esc’s Facebook page.

Big thanks to all you producers for the Season Two free tracks and special thanks to Esc for recording this awesome mixtape.

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Recommended mix: Fanu – Cold Coffee DnB Mix

On October 26, 2011, in News, by Mineral

The mr. Breakmachine himself, Fanu, has recorded a fresh dope mixtape. He is about to release his new album next week, in which I’m very proud to be featured in. The album includes a Fanu & Mineral collabo track “Jupiter 2011″, and the track is actually included in this mix… So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy out this cool mix!

FANU – Cold Coffee dnb mix by Fanu

01. Parallel & PshyKo-Logik – Critical Sound (dub)
02. Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova (Blu Mar Ten)
03. Joakuim – Never Been To NYC (Totaal Rez Recs)
04. Fracture & Neptune – Music Ya’ll (forthcoming on Astrophonica)
05. Fanu – I Can’t Sleep (Lightless)
06. Fanu & Mineral – Jupiter 2011 (Lightless)
07. Outrage – Darkest Fear (Backlash Music)
08. Cartridge – Beat Crazy (free download)
09. Fistfunk – Rebellion (Lightless dub)
10. Trisector & Infader – Does Not Compute [Amoss Remix] (Hustle Audio Dub)
11. Naibu – Use Of Weapons [Fracture & Neptune's Astrophonica remix] (Warm Comms.)
12. Fada – Tone Def (Omni Music)
13. Fanu – Nuku (Lightless)
14. Fanu feat. Dawn Joseph – Something Beautiful (unreleased)
15. Infest – Blue Nature (Omni Music)
16. Fanu – The Circle Of Sycamore Trees (Warm Comms.)

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St. Laurent – Free Tracks Season One mix

On February 7, 2011, in News, by Mineral

It’s time to wrap up the first 15 Free Tracks at I’m proud to present a fresh & brilliant mixtape by St. Laurent including all the Free Tracks (01-15) so far:

St. Laurent – Free Tracks Season One [download season one mix]

01. Furi Anga – The Human Project
02. Mineral – The Neverending Story
03. Fanu – Shogun Remix
04. Wintermute – The Rift Between
05. Eclipse – Tricky
06. Naraka – Bent Sky 2k10
07. Defence – Sight Of Vision
08. Trisector & InZtance – Something To Give
09. Ben Kama – Someone
10. Mineral – Step
11. Physics – Never The Same
12. Radicall – Plus
13. Puzzle – Kumoi
14. Esc – Kongo Tune (Mineral 2010 VIP)
15. Burma – Gringo

All tunes are downloadable at the Free Track of The Week -section.

At his early teenage years Lauri Hynninen aka St. Laurent was introduced to drum & bass by the boy next door – how romantic! After listening countless hours to the newly released Timeless by Goldie and things coming out from Good Looking Records, there certainly was no turning back. It was exactly those exciting drum rolls, amen variations and deep punching basslines that made him fall in love.

In addition to being a big coffee enthusiast he’s also spending his spare time running the monthly Funk’it club and being part of the Science HKI cru. And this is the key point to the musical variety of this gentleman.

Apart from drum & bass, he’s collecting music from soul and funk to jazz and house. Still, the main focus is in drum & bass – all sorts of it. As he puts it, “If it’s jazzy or has a lot of atmosphere and amen break, I probably dig it!”

Check more mixtape madness by St. Laurent at

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One of the most legendary names in Finnish DNB is without doubt Physics, and I’m very happy to promote one of his tracks as the Free Track of The Week #15. Check out:

Physics – Never The Same [download_mineral.fi_free015 ]

Physics is the production moniker for drum&bass producer/DJ and label owner Glenn Grip currently recording for Labels such as Metalheadz (Goldie) , MAC II(Randall) Blindside, Fokuz, Jerona Fruits, Jerona Dubs, Phuzion, Phuturistic Bluez, Planet Funk, Vampire Records(Source Direct) and Pivotal Entertainment music and Telluric Recordings. He also runs Finland based label Midnight Sun Recordings and is a co-owner of the digital download shop alongside companion William Coates.

Physics started producing late 90s and it didn’t take long before his music was snapped up by the biggest labels in the industry. Physics music has been supported by international DJ:s such as LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Nookie, Marcus Intalex, Marky&XRS, D-Bridge,Randall, Bryan Gee, Makoto, Phil Source Direct, and many more. Being a busy DJ aswell , Djing work have taken him to countries like Germany, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Sweden, Romania, Denmark, Russia, England, Austria, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, N Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands to name but a few, playing the sounds of the Midnight Sun


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I’m very proud to present the Free Track of The Week #14 by a Polish dnb artist Radicall. The track “Plus” is a really catchy and deep track with excellent atmosphere in it. A recommended download!

Radicall – Plus [download mineral.fi_free014]

Radicall – Plus by radicall

Krzysztof Golinski aka Radicall is a Producer, dj and founder of Nightworks.

In love with the music since day one. His early productions were heavily inspired by jungle/jump up sound, later he induced himself to deeper and heavier timbre of drum’n'bass. In 2002 he became one of the finalists of “Made In Poland” – producers contest which revealed biggest talents of that time. It was his premiere as a producer and a dj under a nickname which he kept till now – Radicall..

In the meantime his music was still evolving – as a result of his constant search of new boundaries and ideas “Forgotten Horizon” came into being, side-project mainly focused on ambient, flowing, “between dream and reality” kind of sound. His d’n'b repertoire changed. Melodic, trancestep inspired sound was slowly replaced with deeper and heavier neurofunk and atmospheric landscape. In his solo project he focused on deeper, setting-up new boundaries in atmospheric-dnb sound, heavily inspired by neurofunk, technoid, ambient, classic electronic and ocean of other interesting music.

In his sound space there is one inherent element. It’s deep and full of warm vibrations Katee’s vocal, which perfectly highlights an emotional charge of his music. First of all, music is a matter of imagination, his tracks got very vivid character and they’re infused with very specific emotional charge. His mixes combine energy, dynamics and techstep/neurofunk severity, electrostep melodiousness with deeper breath of atmospheric mood…


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This week’s Free Track of The Week is by a really special guest Furi Anga from Finland. I’ve been a fan of Furi’s moody dnb production for a long time, and I’ve been playing his tracks in my mixes a lot too. This marvellous track “The Human Project” is all about what Furi does best: moody, melodic and minimalistic dnb. Check it out!

Furi Anga – The Human Project [download_www.mineral.fi_free013]

Furi Anga – The Human Project (2011 / FREE DOWNLOAD) by Furi Anga

Furi Anga alias Antti Viitamäki is a deep soul explorer from Finland, Scandinavia. Listening to his music one gets transported into a melancholic fairy world – sometimes true and beatiful, sometimes dark and grotesque. He gets heavy influences from ascetic finnish nature. “Cold scandinavian moods delivered in a form of drumandbass.”, as Furi describes at his site

I’m currently working on a collaboration track “Awakening” with Furi, and it’s gonna be really good! I’ll let you know when it’s finished.

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