• Free Track of The Week #10: Eclipse – Tricky

    Free Track of The Week #10 is up, and the site gets more international attention, as we have a special guest Eclipse from Poland. I’ve been feeling this track a lot lately as it’s deep and atmospheric drum’n’bass – just the way it should!

    Eclipse – Tricky [download www.mineral.fi_free010]

    Eclipse – Tricky by eclipsednb

    eclipsePiotr Pasierowski aka Eclipse – DJ,  promoter and producer from Gdansk, Poland.  Member of Deeper Than Deep collective. Fascinated by electronic music for several years. He gained first experience on brother CD’s. Dark, melodic trip-hop took possession of his mind, and set up a musical way. For several years focused on drum and bass music. Eclipse began making his own music over a year ago. His productions and sets are characterized by a cinematic elements and strong,  deep bass sound . Playing at many events he had chance to support DJs such as: Survival, Zyon Base, Skeptical, DBR UK, Flatliners, Bcee, Bungle.


    – Eclipse’s soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/eclipsednb

  • Science Helsinki Podcast #13 by Defence is up at Sciencehki.net

    A fresh new Science podcast #13 by Defence is up at www.sciencehki.net.

    Defence was featured earlier at mineral.fi with the track “Sight of Vision” [mineral.fi_free004]. The duo’s mixes are spectacular, so I recommend this new Science podcast a lot!  “Deep, rolling beats and some of their own tunes too.”, says Trisector at sciencehki.net. Check out more defence: http://www.soundcloud.com/defence

    Science Podcast #13:

    01 sabre : ash – critical
    02 zero t : harms way – subtitles
    03 rockwell : full circle – shogun
    04 defence : daniel’s – dub
    05 alix perez : menacing ways – shogun
    06 need for mirrors : nevada – sgn:ltd
    07 all thieves : stars (zero t remix) – footprints
    08 sabre : global – subtitles
    09 defence : out of nowhere – dub
    10 zero t & ulterior motive : breach – subtitles
    11 s.p.y. : xenomorph – metalheadz
    12 defence & subsense : keep on walking – dub
    13 zero tolerance & beta 2 : bizzy time (break remix) – c.i.a. ltd
    14 esc : love (defence remix) – dub
    15 code 3 : escape hatch – sgn:ltd
    16 break & hydro : breathless (break VIP mix) – dnaudio
    17 defence : unknown – dub
    18 tc1 & dlr : space & time – dispatch
    19 alix perez : dark days – shogun
    20 sabre : havens verge – critical

  • Still remember Invaders?

    Invaders Club 2003 flyer front

    Club Invaders by Djs Squash, Trito and Mineral was one of the most dancefloor oriented drum’n’bass clubs back in 2003 in Finland. I actually had a little chat with Squash & Trito last friday about bringing the club back alive. I’m not gonna promise anything yet, but maybe we will see a comeback of the club in the Future.


    I’d like to honour the “Invaders spirit” by linking this DJ mix by Squash AKA Kesämies. It’s very Invaders stylish mix that is recorded back in 2002 🙂 Check it out:

    Squash-Miksaus 2002 by kesis

    Finally, some more memories from 2003 when we had Genki as our special guest, check the flyer:

    Invaders Club 2003 flyer back

  • Free Track of The Week #9: Puzzle – Kumoi

    It’s time to present a fresh Drum’n’bass track from an extremely potential young talent, Puzzle. The atmosphere is very special in this Free Track of The Week #9, “Kumoi”.

    Puzzle – Kumoi [download www.mineral.fi_free009]

    Puzzle – Kumoi (FREE!) by Puzzle

    PuzzlePuzzle alias Juho Kavasto is a young talent from Finland. Being only 15 years at the moment, Puzzle has an excellent future as a Drum’n’bass artist. Several labels are already interested in his production, which is not surprising: simply listen to this guy’s tracks and be amazed of the tight drum’s and the deep basslines.

    Keep an eye for Puzzle’s production, as I’m sure he will break big time in the future!


    – Puzzle’s facebook: http://www.facebook.com/puzzlednb
    – Puzzle’s soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/puzzlednb

  • Kongocrew 10-years party was a real success!

    The Kongocrew 10-years celebration was a real success last Friday. Many d’n’b heads from Finland gathered together in this very special event. I had a blast performing a B2B DJ-set with Quadra from Defence. It was a pleasure to meet so many friends and new faces too. Thanks to all the people who attended! Also, massive props to Esc & DBLJ for arranging this event. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

    The new Free Track of The Week will be up tomorrow… It’s gonna be really good, so check back tomorrow!

    Check out more photos from the party by Jonne Renvall

  • Mineral – Other Life (Nitrous remix) released on Monkey Dub recordings

    My track Other Life had a massive dubstep remix done by Nitrous from Canada. This spectacular remix was released on Monkey Dub recordings last week:

    Various Artists – MDRMX002 – Montreal LP

    Listen & buy the tracks from Juno
    Read more @ Monkey Dub Recordings

  • Evolution of Kongo Tune EP available!

    Hi everyone! Thanks a lot for your feedback of the Kongo Tune 2010 VIP. Much appreciated!

    Esc just released a free “Evolution of Kongo Tune” EP at his soundcloud with the original Kongo Tune (2003), my remix in 2006 and the fresh 2010 VIP. Check it out:

    Evolution of Kongo Tune EP by Esc

  • Free Track of The Week #8: Esc – Kongo Tune (Mineral 2010 VIP)

    This week is very special to me as the group of junglists from Finland, Kongocrew, is celebrating its 10-year-birthday. I’ve been a member since 2001, and I want to honour this event with my 2010 VIP of the classic “Kongo Tune” by Esc:

    • Esc – Kongo Tune (Mineral 2010 VIP) [download www.mineral.fi_free008]]

    Esc – Kongo Tune (Mineral 2010 VIP) by DJ mineral

    Like this track? Feel free to join Mineral’s Facebook fan page for more tracks!

    Esc & Mineral playing at Pressure-clubEsc alias Juha Riipinen is a DJ/Producer hailing from Tampere, Finland. This guy has been fiddling with music since he was a kid. Esc has explored various styles from punk to techno  but after hearing Super Sharp Shooter and Square Off at the mid-90’s, there has not been a question though, what music he loves the best.

    Since late 90’s Esc has contributed to the scene also as a DJ. In the year 2000 he co-founded the first ever weekly d&b club in Finland with DJ Beyond from Kongocrew and has later played at various clubs and events with the likes of Seba, Noisia, Loxy, Sabre and SpectraSoul to name but a few. Esc is also part of the Pressure cru which runs Pressure, one of the longest standing d&b clubs in Finland.

    I’ve been producing, DJ’ing and arranging dnb events with Esc for years now. This 2010 VIP of Esc’s classic Kongo Tune is made for the celebration of the 10 years of Kongocrew! Hope you enjoy it. I’m gonna play the track for sure next friday at the party!


    I’m happy to announce that Esc’s track Lost And Found will be shortly out on Indajungle recordings with my remix of the track.

    Check out Esc’s soundcloud for the original track and Mineral’s soundcloud for the remix.


    Personally, the years with Kongocrew mean a lot to me and I’ve had the time of my life with the crew. Now it’s time to celebrate the successful years and spin all the greatest tracks next Friday at the Cut club @ Tampere Yo-talo.

    Check out Cut presents 10-yrs-of Kongocrew Facebook Event page and join in!

  • Free Track of The Week #7: Wintermute – The Rift Between

    Yesh! This weeks Free Track comes from Germany, from a really talented artist, Wintermute. I’m really loving the atmosphere and especially the bassline in this tune. Listen & download now:

    Wintermute – The Rift Between (cut) by Wintermute (mal_function)

    WintermuteWintermute is a moniker of Florian Förster aka. mal_function, which he uses for all of his bass-driven music productions. He excels in producing eclectic musical pieces, which vary from deep, minimal drum’n’bass tunes to techno and dubstep excursions. Most of his drum’n’bass productions were released under Creative Commons Licence by the german netlabel digitalGEWITTER and the demoscene-related NoSYS Productions. Wintermute’s current productions received dj support by Kano (Sinuous Records, DSCI4/UK), Neonlight (TrustInMusic, Ammunition Rec./GER), Acid_Lab (Basswerk, Syncopathic Rec./GER), to mention a few.

    Wintermute’s soundcloud – brilliant tracks to listen!

    Wintermute & Audite did a really nice remix of my track Lukumo a few weeks ago. I’m happy to announce, that the track has already gotten some DJ support. Check out this clip of the remix here, if you haven’t already:
    Mineral – Lukumo (Wintermute & audite Remix) (cut) by Wintermute (mal_function)