• Finnish Breakbeat collection to be released 1st June 2013

    Fanu and Docius Bassoradio April 2013

    I have some great news for you folks. Finnish drum’n’bass and breakbeat artists have come together once again and we are about to release a collection of fresh tracks. The man behind all of this is Fanu, the breakmaster himself, who has worked like a madman to make this happen. The collection will be released on his label Lightless 1st June 2013.

    There are two tracks that I am involved in this collection. First, there is a collabo track “Uncertain Soundscape” that we did with Resound. Second, the Esc & Subsense remix of my tune “Living The Dream” will be on the collection. RRRrrrock!! The collection contains REALLY good tunes by many artists, so I truly recommend to get it once it’s released.

    Anyway, as we are getting closer to the release, Fanu & Docius have played a couple of tunes from the forthcoming release in their Bassoradio show last friday. Check their show below: