Esc – Free Tracks Season Two mix

On December 30, 2011, in News, by Mineral

To Celebrate the New Years Eve 2012, it’s time to listen to the Free Tracks Season Two -mix by a Finnish junglist called Esc. Listen and download the mix and the 15 free tracks below! Free Tracks Season Two – Mixed by Esc [download the mix]

01. Diphasic – De Chante [listen | article]
02. Bulb – Iceberg [download | article]
03. Puzzle – No Motion [download | article]
04. Wagz – It’s Got To Be Worth Something [download | article]
05. Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Antony G Remix) [download | article]
06. J Melodic – Key Tempo [download | article]
07. Mineral – The Streets of New York [download | article]
08. Resound – Northern Lights [download | article]
09. Wagz – Network [download | article]
10. Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral Remix) [download | article]
11. Mauoq – Unknown Recipient [download | article]
12. Dangerdogg – The Moving Couple [download | article]
13. Fishy – Air [download | article]
14. Mineral – The Focus [download | article]
15. Agro Feat. Paralloyd – Mind Over Matter [download | article]


Esc alias Juha Riipinen is a co-founder of the very first weekly running drum’n'bass club “Kongo” in Tampere Finland back in the 1990′s. Later on, his talents behind the decks has made him a popular guest dj at parties around Finland.

In addition to his busy dj schedule, Esc produces music too. His drum’n'bass release “Lost and Found” (IDJ) w/ a remix by myself, is available at proper digital recordstores (e.g. juno, beatport). Also, Esc has made quite a few ambient downtempo tunes that are available at his soundcloud. Make sure that you also check and follow Esc’s Facebook page.

Big thanks to all you producers for the Season Two free tracks and special thanks to Esc for recording this awesome mixtape.

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250+ Soundcloud Fans

On December 28, 2011, in News, by Mineral

Thank you so much. I really appreciate all you fans out there. At the 250-fans-landmark I’m planning something big for the New Year’s Eve weekend so check back soon… Meanwhile, if you haven’t checked out my site yet, here it is.

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Science Hki podcast #27 – Mineral

On December 23, 2011, in News, by Mineral

I recorded a mixtape for the Science Hki crew. Listen to the Podcast #27 below and check out the previous & forthcoming episodes at Merry xmas!

Science Hki podcast #27 – Mineral by sciencehki

Science Hki podcast #27 – Mineral

01 loxy & resound : vindication – exit
02 ed rush & nico : sector 3 – no u-turn
03 ed rush & optical : gro-bag – virus
04 fanu : shatner rap (feat. greenleaf) – lightless
05 fistfunk : 0001 – lightless dub
06 loxy & resound : part human – exit
07 fieds, sine & mako : masifi – ingredients
08 mute & mako : astral transmissions – ingredients
09 puzzle : no motion – free track
10 loxy & resound : black hole – exit
11 icicle & sabre : sentry – renegade hardware
12 mute & mako : lost sector – ingredients
13 trisector : frozen funk – laos
14 fanu & mineral : jupiter 2011 – lightless
15 dak : junk 8 – lightless
16 optical : can u read? – virus
17 rockwell : underpass – critical
18 dynamic stab : sun & vega – respect
18 blue motion & unquote : covered by the dust – influenza media
19 loxy & resound : vertigo reprisal – exit

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On December 19, 2011, in News, by Mineral

GGRRrreeeeat! Google ranks #2 with the keyword “mineral”. Finally got past of all those millions of cosmetic products. Now I just gotta do some more SEO and figure how to beat the wikipedia…

What’s going on with the Season 2 mix?

Oh you guys have been asking who’s gonna record Free Tracks Season Two? When it’ll be released? I’m still keeping it a secret, but expect a big mix soon…

Recommended mix: Bulb – Into the deep 015

Meanwhile take a listen to Bulb’s new Into The Deep 015 -mix. It’s really good.

Bulb – Into the deep 015 by Bulb


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Loxy & Resound – Burning Shadows LP released

On December 14, 2011, in News, by Mineral

My good friend Resound has finally released his Burning Shadows LP with Loxy. The release is out on Exit recordings and it is really something special. My personal favorite tracks in the LP must be Part Human (simply unbelivable!), Black Hole and Vindication, although it is very hard to choose from the total 13 top-quality tracks. Congratz on this outstanding release to Loxy & Resound. Go read more and buy your copy at

Loxy & Resound – Burning Shadows EXIT LP/CD010 -  Preview mix Loxy & Resound – Burning Shadows EXIT LP/CD010 – Preview mix by Exit Records UK

Free Loxy & Resound tracks

To celebrate their release, Loxy & Resound are giving an additional track “Awareness” for free at their site. Make sure you spread the word about this amazing LP!

Also don’t forget to download Resound’s beautiful track Northern Lights, which was chosen free track #17 in February 2011.

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We are reaching out to the final track of the Season 2. The free track #30 is produced by no other than mr. Wagz (UK) and it’s called “It’s Got to Be Worth Something”. I love the laidback feeling in this chilly tune accompanied with the nostalgic vocals and generally relaxed atmosphere. This track definitely is worth something, worth a lot actually :) Check’n'download!

Wagz – It’s Got to Be Worth Something [download mineral.fi_free030]



Some of you may remember that I already introduced Wagz here at with his beautiful track “Network” as the free track #28. I thought that this his sounds are so deep and atmospheric that I’ve gotta put another track of his into promotion. Anyways, if you didn’t know yet, Wagz is a talented drum’n'bass dj & producer from Sheffield, Britain (UK). His tracks been supported by Blu Mar Ten, Aaron Jay, Bulb, Chris Inperspective and LJ High (BassDrive). I’m really digging Wagz material, and you should definitely check his soundcloud for some more quality tracks.

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Wispy released his Avainlippu 2 -mixtape two days ago on Finnish Independence day. This is culturally a really impressive mixtape, as all the tracks are produced by Finnish Drum’n'Bass artists. I’m very proud to be featured in this mix with my track God’s Symphony. Anyways, grab the mix below and enjoy some fresh Finnish underground music! Check more at

avainlippuuusi Wispy   Avainlippu 2 (100% Finnish drumn bass mixtape)

Wispy – Avainlippu 2


01. Kaleb – Serene
02. Ben Kama – Rooftops
03. Mineral – God’s Symphony
04. Esc – Lost And Found
05. Cubik – Taiga Spirits
06. Fanu – Nuku
07. Loxy & Resound – Part Human
08. Furi Anga – Creonize
09. Muffler – Mankind
10. Ben Kama & Dubba Jones – That Sound
11. Physics & Seba – The Music
12. Dejaru – Virtual
13. Resound – Sub Rukus
14. Trisector & Infader – Artificial Fish
15. Cubik – Thelema VIP
16. Physics – Revolution
17. Resound, Subsense & Defence – Subterfuge
18. John Oil – Creator
19. Subsense & Defence – Road To Zion
20. Rasterclash – Guerilla Dub
21. Trisector – Lifeforms VIP
22. Kaleb – Dusty Blinds
23. Jontey – No Matter
24. Gradon & Janky – The Flow
25. Muffler – Dribble
26. Resound & Crystal Clear – True Story
27. L.A.O.S. – Warrin
28. Gradon – Fighting Under The Blue Skies
29. Muffler – Falling 2009 VIP
30. Rico Tubbs – Feel It (L.A.O.S. Remix)
31. Burma & Muffler – Never Again
32. Detuned – Dirty Ideas
33. Burma – Gringo
34. L.A.O.S. – Helsinki Cru Vocal VIP


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Free Track #29: Bulb – Iceberg

On December 2, 2011, in Free Track of The Week, by Mineral

The next promoted free track comes from Russia by a really atmospheric artist known as Bulb. His track “Iceberg” is filled with a special atmosphere that really hits you deep. Listen and download below.

Bulb – Iceberg [download mineral.fi_free029]

Bulb – Iceberg by Bulb

Daniil Vavilov, also known as Bulb aka Fill – young russian dnb/electronica producer and dj. He is not just a random ‘home-producer’ you might stumble upon and enjoy, he is a well-rounded artist who needs more spotlight without ever suggesting it. Check more about Bulb at Toolroom Publishing.

Also make sure to check Bulb’s Soundcloud for some really cool tracks and “Into the Deep” drum’n'bass podcasts. Over 3200 fans at his soundcloud can’t be wrong – this dude has something unique in his music. Keep an eye for Bulb’s forthcoming records!


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