I know it’s only 4 days since the previous Free Track of The Week, but I’m too excited about this track to wait any further. So, ladies and gentlemen, the 2nd Free Track of The Week is…

Naraka, also known as the other part of the famous Vesicle dubstep duo, presents an absolute neuro-dnb stunner. The track is an exclusive “2k10″ edit of Naraka’s Bent Sky. I’ve been always a big fan of Naraka’s production, and I’ve played the original Bent Sky in clubs many times. It’s a real dancefloorkiller, I’m tellin’ ya…

In this “2k10″ edit the atmosphere & sounds get even darker and nastier. Naraka shows his true production talents in this excellent track with rollerbeats and wicked neuro-basslines. Well, “it’s amazing”, just like the vocal says in the track!

Make sure that you check more of Naraka’s production:
- Naraka, drum’n'bass
- Vesicle, dub step

Thanks for all the demos you’ve been sending to me. Please keep on sending the good music – the best ones will make it to the Track of The Week!

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Utah Jazz @ Playground, Helsinki tonight

On October 29, 2010, in News, by Mineral

There’s a big drum’n'bass event tonight at Helsinki, when the Beatniks crew brings Utah Jazz (V recordings, UK) and Mr Joseph (Good Looking,Influence Recs, Fizzy) to Playground. Check more info: http://stealthunit.net/thread/3628458

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Furi Anga – The Dubs Mix 2010/2011 // Mixed By Wispy

On October 26, 2010, in News, by Mineral

A couple of weeks ago Wispy did a mix of Furi Anga’s tracks. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out, because it’s amazing! You can listen & download it at http://soundcloud.com/furianga/tracks. Nice1!

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The first Free Track of the Week is up. Download:

The Neverending Story by myself is the very first Free Track of the Week here at www.mineral.fi. It is a melodic and atmospheric track with lots of breakvariations involved. The pads, piano, strings and a strong bassline will set up a fragile mood for all you atmospheric dnb listeners out there.  Any comments would be more than welcome – hope you like it!

Want Your track to become Track of The Week?

I know there are a lot of producers and great awesome music around that hasn’t been released. If you have drum’n'bass demotracks that are not released on any label, feel free to send your tracks to me (ilkka.kurkela@mineral.fi). The idea is to make your non-released demotracks public here and downloadable free to drum’n'bass fans around the world. One track will be released each week.

I’ll be more than happy to promote good drum’n'bass music, so send in your tracks now!

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Science podcast #11 @ http://www.sciencehki.net/

On October 23, 2010, in News, by Mineral

A new Science podcast has been updated yesterday at http://www.sciencehki.net/. Go check it out now!

I’ve been listening to Science podcast #10 a lot lately. If you’ve missed it out, check that one too. It’s an amazing mix with some nice old school spices. Big ups to the Science crew. Keep it up!


Check out this clip of my latest release: Reach For The Stars [buy the track: iDJ095]

I was proud to notice that this track got played by Ben XO (UK, Bassdrive.com) recently in his wicked drum’n'bass set “Shoc a Bloc” on Bassdrive. Also TekMerc (UK) played this track at his mix “A Terrible Weight“. Thanks guys, much appreciated!


I’m really excited about Reach For The Stars, as there’s gonna be a really tight remix of the track soon. Another Finnish artist, Ben Kama, is currently working on this one (check!). I’m really looking forward to Kama’s remix! Yeah! :)


Big things ahead – Promomix w/ featuring artists

On October 20, 2010, in News, by Mineral

I’ve been producing quite a lot lately, and there’s quite a few new tracks to be finished. Also, I’ve been doing alot of collabo-tracks & several remixprojects with drum’n'bass producers from Finland, Germany and Canada. Internationally recognized names will be involved! So, There’s definately big things ahead, as I’m planning to record a fresh new mixtape of these collaboration projects later this year.

Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=117846338&blogId=539990498#ixzz12tGsA2FO


New drum’n'bass site launched!

On October 19, 2010, in News, by Mineral

Welcome to Mineral’s Drum’n'bass site!

Buy my released tracks online:

Check some of my demo tracks at my Myspace:

Download / stream mixes at www.net-mix.org:

I’ll be updating this page often with fresh new tracks, mixes, clubbing info etc, so check back often!