Jungle Visions pt6 – mixed by Esc

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Esc presents Jungle Visions pt6

It’s time for another Jungle Visions mixtape. This time my main man Juha Riipinen alias Esc has recorded a brilliant mix with lots of fresh & dope tracks. The mix is wandering mainly within the deeper side of dnb and it builds up a unique atmosphere along the way. I’ve always been a big fan of Esc’s choise of tracks, and this mixtape is no exception. Really digging the mix, thanks again mate! This one is a MUST, check it out below.

Esc presents Jungle Visions pt. 6

download: http://www.mineral.fi/JungleVisions/Jungle_Visions_pt6_Esc.mp3

01. Hydro & Halogenix – Trieste [Horizons]
02. Halogenix – Tender Chain [Horizons]
03. Dub Phizix Ft. Fox – Never Been [Critical]
04. Fracture – Tunnel Track [Warm Communications]
05. Skeptical & MC Fokus – The Truth [Dispatch]
06. Hybris – Of Two Minds [Invisible]
07. Dub Phizix – Bateman [Soul:R]
08. Enei, Eastcolors & Noel – Cracker (Jubei Remix) [Critical]
09. Break – Symmetrics [Symmetry]
10. Rockwell – Tripwire [Shogun Audio]
11. Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero [Invisible]
12. SpectraSoul – Mimic [Subtitles]
13. Defo – Targets [Dub]
14. Dub Phizix Ft. Fox & Chimpo – Narrow Eyes [Soul:R]
15. Defo – Oxide [Dub]
16. Stray & Halogenix – Rude Industry [D&B Arena]
17. Fracture – The Limit VIP [Astrophonica]
18. Jubei Ft. Flowdan – Say Nothin [Metalheadz]
19. Furi Anga – Zero Charisma [Silk Dub]
20. Getz – Open Your Heart (Diagram Remix) [Absys]
21. Mineral – Living The Dream (Esc & Subsense Remix) [Dub]

Check more:


Science Hki Podcast #32 – Tim Reaper

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Fresh podcast from the Sciencehki crew came out today. This time they present a guest mix by Tim Reaper. He goes back to the sounds of the 90′s with some great selection. Can’t be anything wrong with that, check the tracklist. Oh man, great tunes.

Science Hki #32 – Tim Reaper

This time we go back to the 90′s with a bit darker old school selection from Tim Reaper


01 j majik : aztec step – cutting edge
02 served chilled : jaquera – hardleaders
03 rufige kru : dark metal (source direct remix) – razors edge
04 dillinja : tear down da whole place – conqueror
05 kosmos : liquid beatz – droppin’ science
06 source direct : the silent witness – mo wax
07 tango : fever – moving shadow
08 t.power vs mk-ultra : mutant jazz (dj trace remix) – sour
09 goldie : manslaughter (rider proto ’96) – reinforced
10 dj trace & nico : squadron – no u-turn
11 therapy? : loose (photek remix) – a&m


Drum’n'bass shows at Bassoradio

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Did you guys know about the fresh Drum’n'bass radioshows at the Finnish FM radio station Basso Radio? Some Finnish dnbheadz will be hosting some high quality music each Friday at 10-12 pm. The cycle goes like this:

1st friday of the month: Physics
2nd friday of the month: Science Hki
3rd friday of the month: Fanu (and Docius too in the future according to Fanu. boh boh!)
4th friday of the month: Muffler & Burma

Tune every Friday at 10-12 PM Finnish time at Basso website or with your radio.


Oh man, it doesn’t get better than this. Check out the recording of the last weeks show, there’s lots of amazing tunes and even a very official interview in it :D . Oh and they even played a couple of my tunes, including an exclusive Living the Dream remix by Esc & Subsense. Check check:












Fanu hosting his show @ Basso radio 05/18/2012 with Sciencehki crew as guests.



The Remixes Out Now!

On May 14, 2012, in News, by Mineral

The two massive remixes by Ben Kama and Defence are finally out. Ben Kama’s remix of my track Reach For The Stars is a really dope dancefloor track. Defence’s remix of “One Still Remains” is a perfect liquid dnb roller. I’m really feeling both of these tracks and I’m so glad that they’re finally out on In Da Jungle -recordings. Thanks to Ben Kama and Defence for the remixes, much appreciated!

Listen and buy the tracks below

Mineral – Reach For The Stars (Ben Kama remix)

Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence remix)

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Ambient Visions pt1 – Mixed by Mineral

On May 9, 2012, in News, by Mineral

Ambient Visions mix by Mineral wonders within the deepest and most emotional soundscapes. Start the 67-minute relaxing journey of surreal atmospheres and let your mind wonder freely. Imagination is the beginning of art and innovation. – Mineral @ New York 2012.

Ambient Visions pt1 – Mixed by Mineral [download mix]

01. 24bit – Evolving Eternal
02. Aurastore First Out of the System
03. Nathan Bush – 3
04. AndAWan – DreamWorld Within
05. KGink – Spacial Hush
06. Mineral – Twisted Dream (Ambient edit)
07. 24bit – Marshmallow men
08. The Imogen Project – Sync
09. Esc – Love
10. Still Blue Still Turning – Ocean Grove, NJ
11. The Imogen Project – Travellar
12. Mineral – Dokkari 3
13. Mineral – Building Akhetaton
14. Intex Systems – Resolve Detect
15. ASC – Oort Cloud
16. Alaska – Earthloop
17. Mineral – Ambient Live
18. Mineral – World Creation Work
19. Intex Systems – The Clouds Hide The Light
20. Prime Loops – Ambient Fractals
21. Intex Systems – Thin Air


Science Hki Podcast #31 – St. Laurent

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Just noticed that there’s another high quality podcast available by the Science crew. Recommended!

Science Hki #31 – St. Laurent

01 naibu : into the distance – horizons music
02 nuage : underwater sun – interactive
03 big bud : pure – good looking records
04 mako : astral transmissions – ingredients records
05 johnny kon : methods of sent enhancement – rotation deep uk
06 arkaik : trauma – diffrent
07 dbr uk : fighting the storm – free download
08 stray : timbre – critical music
09 soundnbeats : timeless – break-fast audio
10 sabre, stray and halogenix feat. frank carter III : oblique – critical music
11 tokyo prose : all you want – samurai red seal
12 quadrant : expanse – fokuz recordings
13 bcee : guilty – spearhead records
14 naibu : dig the past – horizons music
15 technicolour : tangled dream – free download