• Free Track #22: Diphasic – de Chante

    The newest Free Track promotion comes from Singapore. “De Chante” by Diphasic is a really deep and atmospheric track with some special vibes. Check it out!

    * update at the end of 2011: This track was actually signed and released on on Sonoptix Records, so it is no longer free for dl. But you can sitll support Diphasics and buy the track.

    Diphasic – de Chante [listen mineral_free022]
    de Chante by diphasic

    After years of playing in punk rock bands, diphasic gradually veered toward electronic music production. Drawing inspirations from diverse influences, his productions are culminations of percussive grooves and esoteric soundscapes of dub. The minimal atmospheres in his tracks are really unique and very much worth listening. For example track “Discretionary” is a fresh minimal track that I’d recommend. Check out his other productions at Diphasic’s soundcloud!

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