• Free Track of The Week #20: Dangerdogg – The Moving Couple

    The next free track is up, and it’s a really good one. Our special guest is Dangerdogg hailing from Finland. Check out his rough basslines and rollerbreakz in this fresh track The Moving Couple. Yeah!

    Dangerdogg – The Moving Couple [download mineral_free020]

    The Dude is what the Dude does.

    Dangerdogg is a skateboarder turned dj/producer hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Having his influences from doom metal to rocksteady and blues this fine young skaterat isn’t afraid to combine different styles and aesthetics in to his productions.

    He’s already been causing mayhem on the dancefloors with his partner Sir Nenis under the Sharkslayer moniker but this time he’s going solo for a DNB treat.

    Enjoy the track and keep on sending the demos! Much appreciated.

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