• Mineral – Return of Hope LP released

    My album Return of Hope was released yesterday on Omni Music recordings. A pivotal day for me, a dream come true. Hope you enjoy the music! Available at bandcamp, juno, beatport among other recordshops, links below.

    Available at:

    Omni Music Bandcamp
    Beatport -recordshop
    Junodownload -recordshop

    The incredible talent of Mineral is back to follow up his incredible debut EP on Omni with a lush new LP that is full to the brim with sublime harmonies. Delicate melodies playfully twist and turn throughout as they dance melodiously with the soaring pads and atmospheric beats. Floating through a myriad flavours of atmospheric drum and bass, Mineral has shown that he is a talent that has a long way to go, from the modern break-work on The Whispers Within to his homage to the original 90’s sounds with the beautiful Inspirations, this soaring collection of works is another classic in the making and proves just adept Mineral is at creating music for the mind, body and soul.

    Featured at YleX
    Many thanks to Matti 8 and Sonny for the invitation to promote my music including this album at the national radio in Finland YleX a few weeks back. Much appreciated. The recording of the show is here and my “loppukiri” guestmix starts around 1h44mins of the show.

  • 25 years in the game – Mineral atmo dnb Mix

    Mineral – 25 years in the game – atmospheric drum’n’bass

    Dear friends, it is my great pleasure to announce that year 2021 marks the 25th year as an artist/producer to me. To celebrate this, I have recorded a mix of all mineral tracks including forthcoming tracks, recent releases plus some gems from the past.

    The focus is in my forthcoming “Return of Hope” LP, which will be out on Omni Music 15.8.2021. The release of this album is a longtime dream of mine, and I am super excited about it. Many thanks to you all and hope you enjoy the mix! Tracklist below. -Mineral

    Science Helsinki Podcast #27: Mineral by Science Helsinki Podcast on Mixcloud

    “We’ve had some pretty awesome people play guest mixes for the podcast. This time it was Mineral’s turn to bring in the goodies. He is a Finnish drum’n’bass producer with multiple releases on labels like Lightless and In Da Jungle.

    Check more of Sciencehki at



  • Jungle Visions pt7 – Mixed by Mineral

    Jungle Visions pt7 mixed by Mineral

    Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last mix, so here it comes. The next episode of the Jungle Visions -series wonders mostly in the realms of old school dnb. Most of these tracks are released before 1998, although there are a couple of newer tracks as well. I really can’t tell how much I enjoy mixing my track “Three Decks” to Genotype’s “Capacity”… If you’re too busy to hear the whole mixtape just rewind to around 16:30+ and enjoy the double drop! It’s BAAAD.

    Mineral Presents – Jungle Visions pt7

    download: http://www.mineral.fi/JungleVisions/Jungle_Visions_pt7_Mineral.mp3

    01. J Majik – Subway [Infrared]
    02. Randall, Andy C – Sound Control (rmx) [Ram]
    03. The Underwolves – The Crossing Part 2 [Creative Wax]
    04. Future Forces Inc. – Flash Gordon [Renegade Hardware]
    05. Lemon D – Change (DJ Krust Remix) [V Recordings]
    06. Future Forces Inc., Kane – Morpheus [Renegade Hardware]
    07. Mineral – Three Decks [Dub]
    08. Genotype – Capacity [Renegade Hardware]
    09. Mineral – Spider [In Da Jungle]
    10. Ed Rush & Optical – Splinter [Virus]
    11. Genotype – Square Waves [Renegade Hardware]
    12. Dillinja – Unexplored Terrain [V Recordings]
    13. A Sides – Assasin [Eastside]
    14. Future Forces Inc. – Cold Fusion [Renegade Hardware]
    15. Klute – We R The Ones (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Commercial Suicide]
    16. Loxy & Resound – Thin Ice [Exit]
    17. Genotype – Toxic [Renegade Hardware]
    18. Future Forces Inc. – Symetrix [Renegade Hardware]
    19. Mineral vs Taajuus – Four Years Later (VIP) [Dub]
    20. Ed Rush, Optical – Mystery Machine [Virus]
    21. Fanu – Nuku [Lightless]
    22. Mineral – Living The Dream (Esc & Subsense remix) [Dub]

    (available at Jungle Visions Mixcloud too)


  • The Remixes Out Now!

    The two massive remixes by Ben Kama and Defence are finally out. Ben Kama’s remix of my track Reach For The Stars is a really dope dancefloor track. Defence’s remix of “One Still Remains” is a perfect liquid dnb roller. I’m really feeling both of these tracks and I’m so glad that they’re finally out on In Da Jungle -recordings. Thanks to Ben Kama and Defence for the remixes, much appreciated!

    Listen and buy the tracks below

    Mineral – Reach For The Stars (Ben Kama remix)

    Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence remix)

  • Liquid dnb remixes forthcoming

    Alright folks, here’s forthcoming Liquid dnb remixes of my tracks by Ben Kama and Defence. Listen below:

    Mineral – Reach For the Stars (Ben Kama remix)

    Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence remix)

    MINERAL, The Remixes: click here to buy


  • Jungle Visions pt5 – mixed by Mineral

    Here’s the new Jungle Visions pt5 mixtape that I recorded a few days ago here in New York City. Jungle Visions is a mixtape series about various styles of Jungle/Drum’n’bass. It explores the deeper and more atmospheric sides of the genre. After being on hold for a while, it’s time to bring the mixtape series back with a fresh mix. Hope you enjoy the atmospheric mix.

    Jungle Visions Pt5 mixed by Mineral (1h 3min)

    01. Seba – Metropolaris : Warm Communications
    02. Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova : Blu Mar Ten
    03. Sabre – A Wandering Journal (Rockwell’s Club Mix) : Critical
    04. Atmospherix and M-zine – Kinetic : IM:Ltd
    05. Mineral – The Streets of New York : Mineral.fi free
    06. Source Direct – Shadows : Basement Records
    07. Mineral – It Could Be Just a Dream : In Da Jungle Records
    08. Seba – Nucleus : Svek
    09. Nevermind – Lost Soul (Omnius remix) : Amen Brothers Records
    10. Naraka & Furi Anga – Last Drops Of Sapphire : Brainz Recordings
    11. Mauoq – We Better Stop Them : Extent VIP Recordings (forthcoming)
    12. Anile – Never Together : Deepsoulmusic UK
    >> Loxy & Resound – Typecast : Loxyresound.com free
    13. Loxy & Resound – Typecast (June Miller rmx) Loxyresound.com free
    14. Esc – Secret Ways : Unsigned
    15. Nitrous – Lotus : In Da Jungle Records
    16. Photek – Ni Ten Itchi Ryu (Riot Remix) : free
    17. Sabre – 100 Theeth (Dub Phizix Remix): free
    18. Seathasky – Packet Loss : free
    19. Crimean – Snowflakes : free
    20. Bulb & N4m3 – From The Moon : free
    21. A-Negative & keOSz – Through Your Eyes : Totaal Rez forthcoming
    22. 5-Foot Nothing – Broken English (For Kelly) : free

  • Esc – Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season Two mix

    To Celebrate the New Years Eve 2012, it’s time to listen to the Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season Two -mix by a Finnish junglist called Esc. Listen and download the mix and the 15 free tracks below!

    Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season Two – Mixed by Esc [download the mix]

    01. Diphasic – De Chante [listen | article]
    02. Bulb – Iceberg [download | article]
    03. Puzzle – No Motion [download | article]
    04. Wagz – It’s Got To Be Worth Something [download | article]
    05. Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Antony G Remix) [download | article]
    06. J Melodic – Key Tempo [download | article]
    07. Mineral – The Streets of New York [download | article]
    08. Resound – Northern Lights [download | article]
    09. Wagz – Network [download | article]
    10. Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral Remix) [download | article]
    11. Mauoq – Unknown Recipient [download | article]
    12. Dangerdogg – The Moving Couple [download | article]
    13. Fishy – Air [download | article]
    14. Mineral – The Focus [download | article]
    15. Agro Feat. Paralloyd – Mind Over Matter [download | article]


    Esc alias Juha Riipinen is a co-founder of the very first weekly running drum’n’bass club “Kongo” in Tampere Finland back in the 1990’s. Later on, his talents behind the decks has made him a popular guest dj at parties around Finland.

    In addition to his busy dj schedule, Esc produces music too. His drum’n’bass release “Lost and Found” (IDJ) w/ a remix by myself, is available at proper digital recordstores (e.g. juno, beatport). Also, Esc has made quite a few ambient downtempo tunes that are available at his soundcloud. Make sure that you also check and follow Esc’s Facebook page.

    Big thanks to all you producers for the Season Two free tracks and special thanks to Esc for recording this awesome mixtape.

  • 250+ Soundcloud Fans

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate all you fans out there. At the 250-fans-landmark I’m planning something big for the New Year’s Eve weekend so check back soon… Meanwhile, if you haven’t checked out my soundcloud.com/dj-mineral site yet, here it is.

  • Science Hki podcast #27 – Mineral

    I recorded a mixtape for the Science Hki crew. Listen to the Podcast #27 below and check out the previous & forthcoming episodes at www.sciencehki.net. Merry xmas!

    Science Hki podcast #27 – Mineral by sciencehki

    Science Hki podcast #27 – Mineral

    01 loxy & resound : vindication – exit
    02 ed rush & nico : sector 3 – no u-turn
    03 ed rush & optical : gro-bag – virus
    04 fanu : shatner rap (feat. greenleaf) – lightless
    05 fistfunk : 0001 – lightless dub
    06 loxy & resound : part human – exit
    07 fieds, sine & mako : masifi – ingredients
    08 mute & mako : astral transmissions – ingredients
    09 puzzle : no motion – mineral.fi free track
    10 loxy & resound : black hole – exit
    11 icicle & sabre : sentry – renegade hardware
    12 mute & mako : lost sector – ingredients
    13 trisector : frozen funk – laos
    14 fanu & mineral : jupiter 2011 – lightless
    15 dak : junk 8 – lightless
    16 optical : can u read? – virus
    17 rockwell : underpass – critical
    18 dynamic stab : sun & vega – respect
    18 blue motion & unquote : covered by the dust – influenza media
    19 loxy & resound : vertigo reprisal – exit