This next free track is all about the unique atmosphere that the Streets in New York gives you. It’s the City that Never Sleeps. Lights at the Skycrapers set up a unique atmosphere that is hard to describe with words… That is when music comes in.

So with that said, grab a coffee, start listening and please share your comments if this atmosphere hits you…

Download: Mineral – The Streets of New York

Mineral – The Streets of New York by DJ mineral

Mineral - The Streets of New York

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Mineral EP released on Lightless Digital

On July 25, 2011, in News, by Mineral

Lightless Digital continues to put out some more Finnish d&b/jungle mastery. It’s time for Mineral to step up with his bangin’ four-tracker. “Mineral EP” consists of four tracks that will make d&b lovers dance and head-nod like there’s no tomorrow! Check out the soundclips below, and get the tunes at Juno, Digital Tunes, iTunes as well as all other good stores.

“Twisted Dream” explores the deep roots of break-oriented d&b with a proper heavy, in-your-face approach, getting all wicked with amens and apaches – Source Direct fans will go crazy for this oldschoolish tune…it’s hard to believe this one’s not from 1997!

“Mercury” is an eerie track that clearly pays homage to the Platinum-Breakz-era jungle, making you both shiver and brock out with its deadly basslines, tight drums & spooky pads. Not for the faint-hearted!

“Searching for the Daylight” represents the softer and deeper side of Mineral’s production with more subtle and melancholic melodies. This one’s a groovy stepper!

Finally, the classic Mineral track “Other Life” (released on In Da Jungle) gets the fresh revamp treatment it deserves from another talented Finnish junglehead, Trisector, who remixed the track to the proverbial next level – this is a serious dancefloor-smasher to all you neuro addicts out there.

This is a must release for all deeper dnb fans. Crank up the bass, put your dancing sneakers on and enjoy another Lightless release that won’t disappoint.

Listen & Buy Mineral EP at Juno

Wanna hear more?
Check out this mixtape with more of my recent tracks: Mineral – Promomix 2011

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Mineral – Spider EP released!

On May 25, 2011, in News, by Mineral

My new “Spider” EP was released earlier this week on Indajungle recordings including 4 tracks:
Spider, Spider (Naraka remix), God’s Symphony, Need Your Love. Hope you like ‘em!

Mineral – Spider EP by In Da Jungle Recording

Buy at Juno:

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I’m playing here this weekend, make sure you join the dnb massive. Check more at Facebook.

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The Knowledge Magazine Seba remix contest is over, and the winners have been announced. The contest was a really big success with more than 700(!) entries around the globe. Now that the contest is over, I decided to give my remix a free download. It didn’t win, but hope you enjoy it anyway. Feel free to listen and download below!

Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral remix) [download mineral_free021]

Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral remix) by DJ mineral


Check out the contest winners at the Knowledge Magazine article. Congratulations to the winners, the tracks are really amazing!

[soundcloud url="" params="show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=008512" width="100%" height="81" ]
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Litku 15.4.2011 w/ Mineral

On April 13, 2011, in News, by Mineral

I’m really excited, as the new finnish Liquid Drum’n'bass club Litku launches at 15.4.2011. I was invited to play a liquid dnb set along with the Concussion crew residents, so make sure you join the party! I’ve got quite a lot of fresh rollers to be played :)

Check out more at Litku facebook event page

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Pressure15 -club this Friday w/ Ulterior Motive!

On March 23, 2011, in News, by Mineral

This weekend is going to be ultraspecial, as we’re bringing Ulterior Motive (Metalheadz, Subtitles, Critical) as our guest to the Pressure Club at Finland, Tampere, Yo-Talo. Make sure you come to the party, as it’s gonna be big, I’m telling ya!


Here’s a short clip that I found. It’s myself playing at Pressure3. Hope this sets up the right mood for this friday! :)


If you didn’t check these yet, Fanu and Esc did two fresh podcasts for the Science Crew. Both are amazing mixes and very much worth listening. Check ‘em at!

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Esc’s track “Lost And Found” and my remix of the track was released on indajungle recording. Check it out and buy the tracks if you like them!

IDJR110: Esc – Lost and Found


Hold tight for some more free tracks. I’ve got some really good ones coming! Thanks again for sending the tracks, much appreciated :)

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Mineral – Promomix 2011 (feat. various artists)

On March 3, 2011, in News, by Mineral

I’m proud to present the fresh “Mineral – Promomix 2011″. This drum’n'bass mix includes 20 tunes by myself and remixes & collaboration tracks by featuring artists. Enjoy the mix!

MINERAL – PROMOMIX 2011 [download]

Mineral – Promomix 2011 by DJ mineral

01. Mineral – Other Life (Trisector remix) [dub]
02. Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral remix) [knowledge magazine remix contest]
03. Mineral – Reach For The Stars – Ben Kama remix [forthcoming indajungle]
04. Mineral – Lukumo (Audite & Wintermute remix) [forthcoming trust in music]
05. Resound & Mineral - Below Zero [dub]
06. Esc – Lost And Found (Mineral rmx) [IDJR110]
07. Mineral – Jupiter (Fanu’s smelly kitchen remix) [forthcoming lightless]
08. Mineral - Martial Arts [dub]
09. Mineral – Everytime You Are Near [dub]
10. Mineral – Need Your Love [forthcoming indajungle]
11. Mineral – Lost Signal [dub]
12. Mineral – God’s Symphony [forthcoming indajungle]
13. Mineral – Spider (Naraka rmx) [forthcoming indajungle]
14. Taajuus & Mineral – Four Years Later [dub]
15. Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence remix) [forthcoming indajungle]
16. Mineral – Step [mineral.fi_free_012]
17. Mineral – Rushing Girl [dub]
18. Mineral – Free Drum [dub]
19. Esc – Kongo Tune (Mineral 2010 VIP) [mineral.fi_free_008]
20. Mineral – Twisted Dream [forthcoming lightless]

Check more sounds by Mineral at

Mineral - Promomix 2011 (Coverart by Esc)

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I just finished my dnb remix for the Knowledge magazine “Seba – Painted Skies” remix contest. Feedback would be much appreciated – please share your thoughts at soundcloud! :)

Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral remix) by DJ mineral

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