Still remember Invaders?

On December 23, 2010, in News, by Mineral

Invaders Club 2003 flyer front

Club Invaders by Djs Squash, Trito and Mineral was one of the most dancefloor oriented drum’n'bass clubs back in 2003 in Finland. I actually had a little chat with Squash & Trito last friday about bringing the club back alive. I’m not gonna promise anything yet, but maybe we will see a comeback of the club in the Future.


I’d like to honour the “Invaders spirit” by linking this DJ mix by Squash AKA Kesämies. It’s very Invaders stylish mix that is recorded back in 2002 :) Check it out:

Squash-Miksaus 2002 by kesis

Finally, some more memories from 2003 when we had Genki as our special guest, check the flyer:

Invaders Club 2003 flyer back

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