• Drum’n’bass shows at Bassoradio

    Did you guys know about the fresh Drum’n’bass radioshows at the Finnish FM radio station Basso Radio? Some Finnish dnbheadz will be hosting some high quality music each Friday at 10-12 pm. The cycle goes like this:

    1st friday of the month: Physics
    2nd friday of the month: Science Hki
    3rd friday of the month: Fanu (and Docius too in the future according to Fanu. boh boh!)
    4th friday of the month: Muffler & Burma

    Tune every Friday at 10-12 PM Finnish time at Basso website or with your radio.


    Oh man, it doesn’t get better than this. Check out the recording of the last weeks show, there’s lots of amazing tunes and even a very official interview in it :D. Oh and they even played a couple of my tunes, including an exclusive Living the Dream remix by Esc & Subsense. Check check:












    Fanu hosting his show @ Basso radio 05/18/2012 with Sciencehki crew as guests.