Fanu – “Leave This World Behind” dnb mixtape

On November 10, 2010, in News, by Mineral

Fanu did another absolutely awesome mix last weekend. Lots of really good tracks, I’m loving the old school vibes & rough beats innit. So make sure you check this out, if you haven’t already:

01 – Blueprint – Lost Notes (forthcoming on Plush Recordings)
02 – Mineral – Other Life (In Da Jungle)
03 – K Dan – Heal Us All – Naibu remix (forthcoming on Hustle Audio)
04 – Greenleaf – Take You Back (dub)
05 – Sub – Skadi – Nebula Blue Note remix (Subtle Audio)
06 – Paranoid Society – White Lies (Alphacut)
07 – Below – The Post-Junglist Syndrome part 2 (dub)
08 – Dejaru – Black Mask (Alphacut)
09 – Ibunshi & Indidjinous – Swamp Funk – Equinox remix (Pinecone Moonshine)
10 – DJ Trace – Final Chapta – Tim Reaper remix (DSCI4)
11 – Sub – So Finster Die Nacht – Fracture’s Astrophonica remix (Pinecone Moonshine)
12 – Fracture & Neptune – The Limit (Astrophonica)
13 – Dak – Coffee (forthcoming on Lightless Digital)
14 – Jiva – Paramatma – Fanu remix (Pinecone Moonshine)

I was more than happy to see that my track “Mineral – Other Life” made it to the mix. Thanks for that Fanu, much appreciated :)

Fanu is also working on a remix of my track called Jupiter. I’m really looking forward to Fanu’s remix, and I’ll let you know when it’s finished. So check back often!

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