Mineral – Promomix 2020

On December 27, 2019, in News, by Mineral

New mix out. Exploring the various styles of 170 bpm music. From liquid drum’n'bass rollers to techish atmospheres and finally some chilly minimalistic sounds. This is a musical journey that takes us to the latest creations by yours truly. This is the third part of trilogy of “all Mineral” promomixes, 2006, 2011 and 2020. Enjoy!


Mineral Promomix 2020

01. Blu Mar Ten – All or Nothing (Mineral rmx) (free dl at mineral soundcloud)
02. Mineral – Angel’s Call (dub)
03. Mineral – Rolling On (free dl at mineral soundcloud)
04. Mineral – Searching the Daylight (Lightless recordings)
05. Esc & Mineral feat. Reeta Mäkinen- Soul Toucher (Medschool recordings)
06. Mineral – Other Life (2016 Decade Celebration remix, dub)
07. Resound & Mineral – Below Zero (2019 remix, dub)
08. Mineral & Trito – Black Jack (dub)
09. Resound & Mineral – Uncertain Soundscapes (Lightless recordings)
10. Mineral & Trito – Lightrunner (dub)
11. Mineral – It Could Be Just a Dream (InDaJungle recordings)
12. Mineral – Awakening (dub)
13. Mineral – Deep Thoughts (dub)
14. Mineral – Between The Worlds (dub)
15. Mineral & Esc – Shadow Had Fallen (dub)
16. Mineral – Padit on aina tärkeimmät (dub)
17. Mineral – Living the Dream (InDaJungle)
18. Mineral – Grief (dub)
19. Mineral – Streets of New York (free dl at mineral soundcloud)
20. Mineral & Sapphire – A Star’s Dream (feat. Sapphire) (dub)

All tracks written & produced by Ilkka Kurkela, except tracks 5. and 15. co-written & co-produced with Juha Riipinen, tracks 7. and 9. co-written & co-produced with Ilpo Kärkkäinen, tracks 8. and 10. co-written & co-produced with Matti Kaipila, and track 20. co-written and co-produced with Hilma Kurkela.

Mineral - Promomix 2020



New track Mineral – Soul Toucher

On June 3, 2017, in News, by Mineral

Hey, you probably didn’t expect this update… haha, neither did I but here we are. Mineral is back in producing…

I am super satisfied as I MANAGED TO COMPOSE A NEW SONG today and I thought I’d share it with you all. Yeah!

I feel that art – and especially music – connects our soul with something deeper. Therefore, please enjoy my track “Soul Toucher”. Hope you like it?



New Fanu album “Polar” out now

On November 27, 2015, in News, by Mineral
Hi guys! Gotta mention this. It is super good material for deep dnb & breakbeat headz, as always…

The new Fanu album, “Polar“, is out now. It’s largely a return to the D&B roots with a little bit of modern spice thrown into the mix.
Deep, dark, heavy, melancholic – just like the Scandinavian winter climate.

GRAB IT AT BANDCAMP (name-your-price)

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Back in Action

On August 19, 2015, in News, by Mineral

After a 3-year-break I decided to get back in producing. Feeling so good. Lots of inspiration for new tunes. Music is the greatest thing ever! Expect a fresh Mineral-track soon.

Back in Action















Mineral – Rolling On featured at Kmag

On September 27, 2014, in News, by Mineral

Feeling extremely good. My free track “Rolling On” (IDJ) was selected among Top 10 Free Tracks at Kmag. This is a great honor. After all, Kmag holds the record of being the biggest selling Drum’n'bass Magazine in the world! So big thanks and hope you like the sounds, check out below.

Please spread the word :)


Artist links


Also available from Mineral on In Da Jungle Recordings:








Science hki podcast 52 by Joe Loud

On May 3, 2014, in News, by Mineral

Yo guys, this is a strong recommendation. So many good tunes, such an atmospheric feeling. Thanks Joe & Science crew! I especially like the tune “Stray – Erase” around 21 minutes. Gloomy feelings…

Photo by Jonne Renvall

Time to get serious… I have to share some thoughts with you as I’ve been thinking pretty big lately. I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about love, gratitude and passion. Those are the three main things that one should always keep in mind.

Although life is pretty intense and even hectic at some points, you do need to focus back to the basics, really. Who are your loved ones and friends, what are your dreams, where do you get your passion? If you manage to focus your thoughts into those daily even for a few minutes, that will give you incredible strenght and motivation to carry on. Trust me.

Personally I feel extremely happy at the moment, life is pretty much perfect. I am truly grateful. It seems that every now and then I even have the luxury to enjoy some drum’n'bass although life is quite busy at work and home. Whenever that happens, it makes me feel super good and enthusiastic. It makes me realize that my family is my true love and music is my true passion. Period. Having the greatest family and being creative thru music are the things that inspire me beyond belief.

Although I haven’t had time to produce much music lately, I will definitely do that again one day. That’s a promise.

With that being said, check out the 35 free tracks at Mineral.fi, and enjoy your life. It’s too good to be wasted.

follow your dreams


Hi folks, I have some great news. Mastik has just released a brand new dnb album “Candle Light Therapy”. One of my tracks, Awakening, is part of the release. Check my track and the whole album below, enjoy!



From Mastik:

From concept to reality has been done a long way. We cope with all the problems and now present to you Candle Light Therapy, a collection of 12 great tracks from talented drum and bass artists from around the world.

This compilation presents a lush sound landscape that ranges from gently ambient to resoundingly intense invites you to explore this new and exciting sonic path. Light the candles and sit back quietly.

This is a brilliant example of what mastik netlabel has to offer!


New dnb release and free track #35

On October 25, 2013, in News, by Mineral


Finally. Two of my tracks have been released today. Proudly presenting…

Mineral – Back Then / Living The Dream (IDJ180)


Free track #35: Mineral – Rolling On

Also, I promised to give you a free track when we hit 500-fans at Soundcloud, and we did! THANKS to you all and hope you love this liquid dnb track of mine. It is a great day to celebrate with !  Hope you guys comment and share the word, thanks :)


Feeling super excited

On October 23, 2013, in News, by Mineral


Big things coming up guys, check back this Friday as lots of great stuff will appear here…!

“Back Then / Living the Dream” to be released this Friday on In Da Jungle

First, I feel really good as I’m listening to the fresh masters of the upcoming Mineral -release “Back Then / Living the Dream”. The tracks sound PHAT, I’m telling ya… This release is something that I’ve been waiting for a long time and I am super excited at the moment… It’ll be up this Friday. Check the tracks below:


500 fans at Soundcloud: A Free Mineral track to be released


Oh yes! Mineral soundcloud account reached the 500-fans-mark and I will be giving a free track as I promised earlier. The free track is called “Rolling On” and it is a liquid roller – just like the name says. I will release the free track this Friday to celebrate the new Release on IDJ.

Are you a follower yet? Join the movement: https://soundcloud.com/dj-mineral

The Mineral.fi -site 3rd birthday party

Wohoo, this site was launched back in October 2013 and I am really glad that things are still rolling nicely after three years. I can’t explain how important it is to me to keep “Mineral” stuff alive. At the moment I feel extremely enthusiastic about the future of this site and music and of course all the readers and fans. You guys rock. I’ve got some big plans for the future…

Anyway, hope you guys will check back this Friday to celebrate the release and grab the free Mineral tune… Cheers! :)