• Science Podcast #26 by Trisector & St. Laurent is up

    The next episode of the famous Science Podcast series is available at sciencehki.net, strongly recommended. Superb deep music innit.

    science hki #26 – trisector & st. laurent

    01 k-dan : heal us all (naibu remix) – hustle audio
    02 blu mar ten ft. stray : blind soul – blu mar ten
    03 lynx : reverse engineering – detail
    04 calibre ft. drs : people never change – signature
    05 dbr uk & mc focus : above the slums – blknd
    06 cutworks : terminal – kos.mos.music
    07 4hero : 9 by 9 (m.i.s.t. dub mix) – talkin’ loud
    08 kolab : city streets (k+lab remix) – empathy
    09 alix perez : contradictions – shogun audio
    10 defence : infinity – midnight sun
    11 bop : song about my dog (subwave remix) – med school
    12 d bridge : since we’ve been apart – shogun audio
    13 bluez & bronco : forget you – frontline records
    14 nuage & thrn : don’t exist (anile remix) – translation
    15 rebel cause : what lies within – hustle audio dub
    16 blu mar ten : blue skies – blu mar ten
    17 lynx & kemo ft. alix perez : dangerous – soul:r
    18 fanu : i can’t sleep – lightless

  • Recommended mix: Fanu – Cold Coffee DnB Mix

    The mr. Breakmachine himself, Fanu, has recorded a fresh dope mixtape. He is about to release his new album next week, in which I’m very proud to be featured in. The album includes a Fanu & Mineral collabo track “Jupiter 2011”, and the track is actually included in this mix… So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy out this cool mix!

    FANU – Cold Coffee dnb mix by Fanu

    01. Parallel & PshyKo-Logik – Critical Sound (dub)
    02. Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova (Blu Mar Ten)
    03. Joakuim – Never Been To NYC (Totaal Rez Recs)
    04. Fracture & Neptune – Music Ya’ll (forthcoming on Astrophonica)
    05. Fanu – I Can’t Sleep (Lightless)
    06. Fanu & Mineral – Jupiter 2011 (Lightless)
    07. Outrage – Darkest Fear (Backlash Music)
    08. Cartridge – Beat Crazy (free download)
    09. Fistfunk – Rebellion (Lightless dub)
    10. Trisector & Infader – Does Not Compute [Amoss Remix] (Hustle Audio Dub)
    11. Naibu – Use Of Weapons [Fracture & Neptune’s Astrophonica remix] (Warm Comms.)
    12. Fada – Tone Def (Omni Music)
    13. Fanu – Nuku (Lightless)
    14. Fanu feat. Dawn Joseph – Something Beautiful (unreleased)
    15. Infest – Blue Nature (Omni Music)
    16. Fanu – The Circle Of Sycamore Trees (Warm Comms.)

  • Mineral.fi 1st Birthday w/ 25 Free dnb Tracks

    After 25 free tracks, 60 blog posts and over 12.000 unique visitors, I’m delighted to celebrate Mineral.fi’s 1-year birthday. Launching this site a year ago has proven to be a really inspiring journey for me, as music has always played a big role in my life. I can honestly say that the site has taken it all to the next level as many of my tracks have been signed to respected labels. I’ve also learned quite a lot about blogging, social media, marketing in music industry among tons of other things that I’m interested in…

    But most importantly, I have been proud to promote artists and the worldwide movement of dnb music in general.

    Finnish and International drum’n’bass tracks for your enjoyment

    We have experienced some extraordinary moments during the first year of the site. Big drum’n’bass names like Fanu, Resound, Furi Anga, Ben Kama and Trisector from Finland have contributed by giving us free tunes. Also fresh younger Finnish talents such as Puzzle, Dangerdogg and Defence have amazed us with their skilled sounds.

    In addition to the Finnish artists, we’ve had the luxury to listen to Italian (Mauoq, Anthony G), British, (J Melodic), Estonian (inZtance), German (Wintermute), and Polish (Radicall & Eclipse) music just to name a few… We’ve even had the chance to listen to a track from Singapore by Diphasics. It’s crazy but without doubts, this site has definitely become an international place for atmospheric drum’n’bass artists worldwide.

    One of the very best highlights of this year was definitely when the Finnish skillful dj St. Laurent recorded all the first 15 free tracks together in a brilliant mix. You should check it out now, if you missed this classic mix! (I’m actually listening to it atm, and it IS good man..)

    Thanks to all of you, 63.000 visits!

    I am very proud to announce that we’ve had over 63.000 visits at the site during the first year. That includes over 12.000 unique visitors, and the numbers are growing steadily. If you like to support the site and drum’n’bass culture even more, feel free to join Mineral’s social networking sites:

    If you are really in the mood for supporting my music, you are more than welcome to buy my released tracks at digital record stores like juno or digital tunes.

    Finally, I’d like to say special thanks to all the 22 artists contributing during the first year. These innovative artists that keep on pushing fresh atmospheric sounds for our enjoyment are Naraka, Ben Kama, Defence, Trisector & inZtance, Fanu, Wintermute, Esc, Puzzle, Eclipse, Burma, Furi Anga, Radicall, Physics, St. Laurent, Resound, J Melodic, Mauoq, Dangerdogg, Diphasic, Anthony G and finally myself Mineral. Big big thanks to you all!

    Also big thanks to the one and only Kongocrew, Pressurecrew, Sciencecrew, all the Tampere & Helsinki Dnb massive, people who have invited me to play dj gigs, LAOS -crew, all friends and fans, and of course big thanks to my lovely wife Anna for supporting me with all the music projects. Let’s keep the music rollin’…

    The journey continues…

    As I’m writing this update, the Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season Two is going on strong. We already have tracks #16-25 available for your enjoyment, and when we get to around free track #30, you should expect Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season Two mix by a special guest dj… so keep checking back.

    If you want your track to get promoted, please feel free to send me your tracks at Ilkka.kurkela[at]mineral.fi. Much appreciated!


  • Mineral – Promomix 2011 (feat. various artists)

    I’m proud to present the fresh “Mineral – Promomix 2011”. This drum’n’bass mix includes 20 tunes by myself and remixes & collaboration tracks by featuring artists. Enjoy the mix!

    MINERAL – PROMOMIX 2011 [download]

    Mineral – Promomix 2011 by DJ mineral

    01. Mineral – Other Life (Trisector remix) [dub]
    02. Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral remix) [knowledge magazine remix contest]
    03. Mineral – Reach For The Stars – Ben Kama remix [forthcoming indajungle]
    04. Mineral – Lukumo (Audite & Wintermute remix) [forthcoming trust in music]
    05. Resound & Mineral – Below Zero [dub]
    06. Esc – Lost And Found (Mineral rmx) [IDJR110]
    07. Mineral – Jupiter (Fanu’s smelly kitchen remix) [forthcoming lightless]
    08. Mineral – Martial Arts [dub]
    09. Mineral – Everytime You Are Near [dub]
    10. Mineral – Need Your Love [forthcoming indajungle]
    11. Mineral – Lost Signal [dub]
    12. Mineral – God’s Symphony [forthcoming indajungle]
    13. Mineral – Spider (Naraka rmx) [forthcoming indajungle]
    14. Taajuus & Mineral – Four Years Later [dub]
    15. Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence remix) [forthcoming indajungle]
    16. Mineral – Step [mineral.fi_free_012]
    17. Mineral – Rushing Girl [dub]
    18. Mineral – Free Drum [dub]
    19. Esc – Kongo Tune (Mineral 2010 VIP) [mineral.fi_free_008]
    20. Mineral – Twisted Dream [forthcoming lightless]

    Check more sounds by Mineral at http://www.soundcloud.com/dj-mineral

    Mineral - Promomix 2011 (Coverart by Esc)

  • St. Laurent & Trisector present a fine new Science Podcast #15

    There’s a fresh new Science podcast available at Sciencehki.net, a truly recommended podcast. I was happy to see that my track Jupiter made it to the tracklist, much appreciated guys :).

    science hki #15 – st. laurent & trisector [download and listen]

    01 method one : sequential – dub
    02 flame : watcher – med school
    03 furi anga : the day my unicorn died – shadybrain
    04 pieter k : one of them – inperspective
    05 polska : google plex – subtle audio
    06 commix : underwater scene – soul:r
    07 seba : valley of the moomins – good looking
    08 naibu : discrete – horizons
    09 abstract elements : essence of time – exit
    10 kr4y : steed – t3k
    11 histibe : pulsar – offkey
    12 data & k2 : kyoshojutsu – cylon
    13 fistfunk : tetsuo – lightless dub
    14 heavy 1 : you’ll be over – he:digital
    15 k : trackspill – thermal
    16 dak : skunk – lightless digital
    17 mineral : jupiter – indajungle
    18 naraka : outsider looking in – vampire
    19 rockwell : noir (ulterior motive remix) – critical
    20 las : dodge – dub
    21 commix : city section – exit
    22 blu mar ten : believe me (bop remix) – blu mar ten
    23 linden : tuva (morphy remix) – nerve

  • St. Laurent – Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season One mix

    It’s time to wrap up the first 15 Free Tracks at Mineral.fi. I’m proud to present a fresh & brilliant mixtape by St. Laurent including all the Free Tracks (01-15) so far:

    St. Laurent – Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season One [download season one mix]

    01. Furi Anga – The Human Project
    02. Mineral – The Neverending Story
    03. Fanu – Shogun Remix
    04. Wintermute – The Rift Between
    05. Eclipse – Tricky
    06. Naraka – Bent Sky 2k10
    07. Defence – Sight Of Vision
    08. Trisector & InZtance – Something To Give
    09. Ben Kama – Someone
    10. Mineral – Step
    11. Physics – Never The Same
    12. Radicall – Plus
    13. Puzzle – Kumoi
    14. Esc – Kongo Tune (Mineral 2010 VIP)
    15. Burma – Gringo

    All tunes are downloadable at the Free Track of The Week -section.

    At his early teenage years Lauri Hynninen aka St. Laurent was introduced to drum & bass by the boy next door – how romantic! After listening countless hours to the newly released Timeless by Goldie and things coming out from Good Looking Records, there certainly was no turning back. It was exactly those exciting drum rolls, amen variations and deep punching basslines that made him fall in love.

    In addition to being a big coffee enthusiast he’s also spending his spare time running the monthly Funk’it club and being part of the Science HKI cru. And this is the key point to the musical variety of this gentleman.

    Apart from drum & bass, he’s collecting music from soul and funk to jazz and house. Still, the main focus is in drum & bass – all sorts of it. As he puts it, “If it’s jazzy or has a lot of atmosphere and amen break, I probably dig it!”

    Check more mixtape madness by St. Laurent at http://soundcloud.com/st-laurent/

  • Recommended mix: Trisector – Scribbler Drum’n’bass Podcast Mix

    Yeah!! I just finished running 10 km while listening to Trisector’s new Podcast mix for Scribbler’s dnb website. You should most definitely check it out, it’s really really good!

    Scribbler: TRISECTOR [Med School] by Scribbler

    Oh, and if you didn’t know yet, Trisector was earlier featured here at Mineral’s with his collaboration track with inZtance “Something to Give” [download www.mineral.fi_free005]

    A new Free Track will be up tomorrow, so check back soon!

  • Science Helsinki Podcast #13 by Defence is up at Sciencehki.net

    A fresh new Science podcast #13 by Defence is up at www.sciencehki.net.

    Defence was featured earlier at mineral.fi with the track “Sight of Vision” [mineral.fi_free004]. The duo’s mixes are spectacular, so I recommend this new Science podcast a lot!  “Deep, rolling beats and some of their own tunes too.”, says Trisector at sciencehki.net. Check out more defence: http://www.soundcloud.com/defence

    Science Podcast #13:

    01 sabre : ash – critical
    02 zero t : harms way – subtitles
    03 rockwell : full circle – shogun
    04 defence : daniel’s – dub
    05 alix perez : menacing ways – shogun
    06 need for mirrors : nevada – sgn:ltd
    07 all thieves : stars (zero t remix) – footprints
    08 sabre : global – subtitles
    09 defence : out of nowhere – dub
    10 zero t & ulterior motive : breach – subtitles
    11 s.p.y. : xenomorph – metalheadz
    12 defence & subsense : keep on walking – dub
    13 zero tolerance & beta 2 : bizzy time (break remix) – c.i.a. ltd
    14 esc : love (defence remix) – dub
    15 code 3 : escape hatch – sgn:ltd
    16 break & hydro : breathless (break VIP mix) – dnaudio
    17 defence : unknown – dub
    18 tc1 & dlr : space & time – dispatch
    19 alix perez : dark days – shogun
    20 sabre : havens verge – critical

  • Fanu – “Leave This World Behind” dnb mixtape

    Fanu did another absolutely awesome mix last weekend. Lots of really good tracks, I’m loving the old school vibes & rough beats innit. So make sure you check this out, if you haven’t already:

    01 – Blueprint – Lost Notes (forthcoming on Plush Recordings)
    02 – Mineral – Other Life (In Da Jungle)
    03 – K Dan – Heal Us All – Naibu remix (forthcoming on Hustle Audio)
    04 – Greenleaf – Take You Back (dub)
    05 – Sub – Skadi – Nebula Blue Note remix (Subtle Audio)
    06 – Paranoid Society – White Lies (Alphacut)
    07 – Below – The Post-Junglist Syndrome part 2 (dub)
    08 – Dejaru – Black Mask (Alphacut)
    09 – Ibunshi & Indidjinous – Swamp Funk – Equinox remix (Pinecone Moonshine)
    10 – DJ Trace – Final Chapta – Tim Reaper remix (DSCI4)
    11 – Sub – So Finster Die Nacht – Fracture’s Astrophonica remix (Pinecone Moonshine)
    12 – Fracture & Neptune – The Limit (Astrophonica)
    13 – Dak – Coffee (forthcoming on Lightless Digital)
    14 – Jiva – Paramatma – Fanu remix (Pinecone Moonshine)

    I was more than happy to see that my track “Mineral – Other Life” made it to the mix. Thanks for that Fanu, much appreciated 🙂

    Fanu is also working on a remix of my track called Jupiter. I’m really looking forward to Fanu’s remix, and I’ll let you know when it’s finished. So check back often!

  • Furi Anga – The Dubs Mix 2010/2011 // Mixed By Wispy

    A couple of weeks ago Wispy did a mix of Furi Anga’s tracks. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out, because it’s amazing! You can listen & download it at http://soundcloud.com/furianga/tracks. Nice1!