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Mineral – Promomix 2020

New mix out. Exploring the various styles of 170 bpm music. From liquid drum’n’bass rollers to techish atmospheres and finally some chilly minimalistic sounds. This is a musical journey that takes us to the latest creations by yours truly. This is the third part of trilogy of “all Mineral” promomixes,…

New track Mineral – Soul Toucher

Hey, you probably didn’t expect this update… haha, neither did I but here we are. Mineral is back in producing… I am super satisfied as I MANAGED TO COMPOSE A NEW SONG today and I thought I’d share it with you all. Yeah! I feel that art – and especially…

New Fanu album “Polar” out now

Hi guys! Gotta mention this. It is super good material for deep dnb & breakbeat headz, as always… The new Fanu album, “Polar“, is out now. It’s largely a return to the D&B roots with a little bit of modern spice thrown into the mix. Deep, dark, heavy, melancholic –…

Back in Action

After a 3-year-break I decided to get back in producing. Feeling so good. Lots of inspiration for new tunes. Music is the greatest thing ever! Expect a fresh Mineral-track soon.                          

Science hki podcast 52 by Joe Loud

Yo guys, this is a strong recommendation. So many good tunes, such an atmospheric feeling. Thanks Joe & Science crew! I especially like the tune “Stray – Erase” around 21 minutes. Gloomy feelings… sciencehki_podcast_52.m4a Photo by Jonne Renvall

New dnb release and free track #35

Finally. Two of my tracks have been released today. Proudly presenting… Mineral – Back Then / Living The Dream (IDJ180)   Free track #35: Mineral – Rolling On Also, I promised to give you a free track when we hit 500-fans at Soundcloud, and we did! THANKS to you all…