• 25 years in the game – Mineral atmo dnb Mix

    Mineral – 25 years in the game – atmospheric drum’n’bass

    Dear friends, it is my great pleasure to announce that year 2021 marks the 25th year as an artist/producer to me. To celebrate this, I have recorded a mix of all mineral tracks including forthcoming tracks, recent releases plus some gems from the past.

    The focus is in my forthcoming “Return of Hope” LP, which will be out on Omni Music 15.8.2021. The release of this album is a longtime dream of mine, and I am super excited about it. Many thanks to you all and hope you enjoy the mix! Tracklist below. -Mineral

    Omni Music welcomes the beautiful sounds of Mineral to the label with 4 stunning tracks of beauty. Atmospheric pads and discreet melodies fill the air as cutting edge drums drive the tracks forward. This is a talent to watch closely as his music radiates with the warm glow of summer and can’t fail to put a smile on your face. Omni Music is the perfect home for his aural visions, and at Omni HQ we’re looking forward to hearing his next musical journeys.

    Some feedback about the EP so far

    “That Mineral ep is magnificent! Just listened to it through 10/10”
    “Your whole EP on Omni is fantastic.”
    “superb track – Grief”
    “Deep cuts, big up Ilkka”
    “it’s a great EP”

    Also been featured on several mixes so far – many thanks to especially Eschaton and Scotty Mann. Link to the Omni Sessions 2021 vol 7 below. Includes all four tunes from the EP and much more. Check out below and enjoy the journey!

    Many thanks to you all out there supporting my music and the atmospheric dnb culture. Peace – Mineral 2021.

  • Atmoteka 86 – Mineral guest mix

    Out today! Atmoteka 86 mixed by Mineral. Proud to be invited to the awesome atmoteka mix series. Enjoy the mix with some chillier flavors of dnb!

  • PREMIERE: MINERAL – RAIN featured in DNB Dojo

    Very honored to be featured in DNB Dojo #PREMIERE today with my new track “Rain”. It will be out on Straight Up Breakbeat 5th Feb 2021.

    Check the feature at DNB Dojo: https://www.dnbdojo.co.uk/2021/01/26/premiere-mineral-rain/

    Buy → subb.fanlink.to/zero-one

    Facebook → facebook.com/Mineraldnb
    SoundCloud → soundcloud.com/dj-mineral
    Twitter → twitter.com/Mineraldnb

    Straight Up Breakbeat:
    Facebook → facebook.com/SUBB1996
    Soundcloud → soundcloud.com/SUBB1996
    Twitter → twitter.com/SUBB1996_

  • Mineral – Panther Go – new track to celebrate 2021

    Heya! The year has been really nice musicwise. To celebrate the forthcoming 2021 I have decided to share my newest track with all of you. Please check out “Mineral – Panther Go” and download below.

    The track is a bit more mainstream electronic music than my production normally. It was refreshing to try something new for a change.

    Next year looks promising as well. There are some new dnb tunes to be released, some dnb mixes on the way, and other cool stuff.

    Stay safe and healthy and enjoy music! – Mineral 29.12.2020

    Mineral - Panther Go

  • Mineral Guest Mix for the Intelligent Music Podcast

    I was honored to record a guest mix for the Intelligent Music & Northern Wave -podcast series. Had a great time selecting the tunes and doing the mix. I highly appreciate Intelligent Music crew for supporting and spreading the artistic and deep side of drum’n’bass. Enjoy the mix!


    1. Synkro – Automatic Response
      >>Mineral & Sapphire – A Star’s Dream (feat. Sapphire) (dub)
    2. Esc – Amuri Dawn (dub)
    3. Lynx – Omnilon (Detail recordings)
    4. Sunchase – Keyring (Drone audio)
    5. Mineral – Deep Thoughts (dub)
    6. Seathasky – Beauty Made In Small Pieces (Scientific recordings)
    7. Tokyo Prose – Lift You Up (feat. Steo) (The North Quarter)
    8. Seba – Close To You (Spearhead recordings)
    9. Mineral – Living The Dream (InDaJungle recordings)
    10. Monika – Shortwave (none60 records)
    11. Muon – Troposphere (Omnimusic)
    12. Mineral – Back Then (InDaJungle recordings)
    13. Pariah & Eschaton – Motive (Omnimusic)
    14. Naibu – Red Hand (Horizons music)
    15. Blu Mar Ten – Keep It Together (feat. Rober Manos Calibre rmx) (Blu Mar Ten music)
    16. Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence rmx) (InDaJungle recordings)
    17. Qloq – The Orb (Sublimate recordings)
    18. Esc & Mineral – Soul Toucher (feat. Reeta Mäkinen) (Medshool recordings)

    Words from Intelligent Music:

    “We’re proud to present the next episode of Intelligent Music Podcast with excellent deep and atmospheric drum & bass mix from talented finnish producer and DJ Ilkka Kurkela a.k.a. Mineral – Atmospheric Drum’n’bass.He is inspired by drum & bass sound since the mid of 90’s and has released the tracks on well-known labels as Med School, Lightless Recordings, In da Jungle Recordings, LAOS Recordings, Trust In Music, Mastik Netlabel and others.

    Ilkka also actively collaborates with other Finnish musicians: Resound, Fanu / FatGyver and Esc.We found out about him 8 years ago, with the competition by Kmag, when his remixes of the tracks by Seba and Blu Mar Ten sounded among hundreds of other works. Our joy from finding such a nugget was soon reinforced by his other tracks, which are always melodic and musical, but the same time have a completely dance floor tinge.

    In January 2020 on our Soundcloud feed drops his new outstanding promo mix and since that time we have an idea to book this musician for record one of the episodes of Intelligent Music Podcast. And now here it is!Deep and atmospheric, sublime mix by Mineral – Atmospheric Drum’n’bass with some favorites and his own tunes including dubplates and forthcoming works already in our speakers and headphones.

    Let’s flight! w/ SYNKRO, Nuvertal, Esc, Steve Lynx, Sunchase, Seba Ahrenberg, Tokyo Prose, Monika Music, Marc Pariah, Chris Wright, Blu Mar Ten, Robert Manos, Apollo Records, Spearhead Records, Scientific Records, The North Quarter, In da Jungle Recordings, Horizons Music, Omni Music, Blu Mar Ten Music, Sublimate, Med School and others 💚 #drumandbass #deepdnb #atmosphericdnb

    Thanks for your kind words again and all this amazing opportunity. Enjoy the musical journey!


    Ilkka/Mineral – 2.8.2020

  • Mineral – Promomix 2020

    New mix out. Exploring the various styles of 170 bpm music. From liquid drum’n’bass rollers to techish atmospheres and finally some chilly minimalistic sounds. This is a musical journey that takes us to the latest creations by yours truly. This is the third part of trilogy of “all Mineral” promomixes, 2006, 2011 and 2020. Enjoy!


    Mineral Promomix 2020

    01. Blu Mar Ten – All or Nothing (Mineral rmx) (free dl at mineral soundcloud)
    02. Mineral – Angel’s Call (dub)
    03. Mineral – Rolling On (free dl at mineral soundcloud)
    04. Mineral – Searching the Daylight (Lightless recordings)
    05. Esc & Mineral feat. Reeta Mäkinen- Soul Toucher (Medschool recordings)
    06. Mineral – Other Life (2016 Decade Celebration remix, dub)
    07. Resound & Mineral – Below Zero (2019 remix, dub)
    08. Mineral & Trito – Black Jack (dub)
    09. Resound & Mineral – Uncertain Soundscapes (Lightless recordings)
    10. Mineral & Trito – Lightrunner (dub)
    11. Mineral – It Could Be Just a Dream (InDaJungle recordings)
    12. Mineral – Awakening (dub)
    13. Mineral – Deep Thoughts (dub)
    14. Mineral – Between The Worlds (dub)
    15. Mineral & Esc – Shadow Had Fallen (dub)
    16. Mineral – Padit on aina tärkeimmät (dub)
    17. Mineral – Living the Dream (InDaJungle)
    18. Mineral – Grief (dub)
    19. Mineral – Streets of New York (free dl at mineral soundcloud)
    20. Mineral & Sapphire – A Star’s Dream (feat. Sapphire) (dub)

    All tracks written & produced by Ilkka Kurkela, except tracks 5. and 15. co-written & co-produced with Juha Riipinen, tracks 7. and 9. co-written & co-produced with Ilpo Kärkkäinen, tracks 8. and 10. co-written & co-produced with Matti Kaipila, and track 20. co-written and co-produced with Hilma Kurkela.

    Mineral - Promomix 2020


  • New track Mineral – Soul Toucher

    Hey, you probably didn’t expect this update… haha, neither did I but here we are. Mineral is back in producing…

    I am super satisfied as I MANAGED TO COMPOSE A NEW SONG today and I thought I’d share it with you all. Yeah!

    I feel that art – and especially music – connects our soul with something deeper. Therefore, please enjoy my track “Soul Toucher”. Hope you like it?


  • New Fanu album “Polar” out now

    Hi guys! Gotta mention this. It is super good material for deep dnb & breakbeat headz, as always…

    The new Fanu album, “Polar“, is out now. It’s largely a return to the D&B roots with a little bit of modern spice thrown into the mix.
    Deep, dark, heavy, melancholic – just like the Scandinavian winter climate.

    GRAB IT AT BANDCAMP (name-your-price)

  • Back in Action

    After a 3-year-break I decided to get back in producing. Feeling so good. Lots of inspiration for new tunes. Music is the greatest thing ever! Expect a fresh Mineral-track soon.

    Back in Action