• Esc & Mineral – Satellite EP released on Vinyl

    “Satellite EP” by Esc & Mineral is out today!
    GET YOURS: https://escmineral.bandcamp.com/
    Thanks so much for the feedback & support to Mantra, Loxy, DJ Flight, J:KENZO, Jay Cunning, LTJ Bukem, Gremlinz, Resound, Krust, St. Laurent DnB, Gary Scott, Eschaton, Unearthed Sounds among many others… It has been incredible to hear your support in your gigs & shows.
    Many thanks to ODJ Dizzy at Straight Up Breakbeat headquarters for making this happen, plus Fanu for mastering and Beau for cutting duties.
    #jungle #dnb #breaks #dnb #dnbfinland #escbreaks #djmineral #subb

    Esc & Mineral - Satellite EP on SUBB

  • New Fanu album “Polar” out now

    Hi guys! Gotta mention this. It is super good material for deep dnb & breakbeat headz, as always…

    The new Fanu album, “Polar“, is out now. It’s largely a return to the D&B roots with a little bit of modern spice thrown into the mix.
    Deep, dark, heavy, melancholic – just like the Scandinavian winter climate.

    GRAB IT AT BANDCAMP (name-your-price)

  • FatGyver is born


    Heard some cool news yesterday. The Finnish dnb-legend Fanu has started a new alias FatGyver to express his hiphop-styled feelings with lots of 90’s attitude. Really looking forward to hearing his stuff. Check in more detail at his blog. The first mixtape is available at soundcloud, listen below or download the mix.

    FatGyver: Beats-Fueled Brewtality (mix) tracklist

    01. Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic – Streamline
    02. DJ Premier – Doomp Doomp Doomp
    03. DJ Krush – Maze
    04. Mobb Deep – Extortion
    05. LoopMaffia – Summer Snow
    06. Pete Rock – Hip Hopcrisy
    07. DJ Krush – Kemuri
    08. B Real & Dr. Dre – Decisions, Decisions
    09. Damu The Fudgemunk – Coffee Table
    10. Oriole – Space-Year-Beat
    11. Pete Rock – # 1 Soul Brother
    12. Q Funktion – Like I Usually Do
    13. Damu The Fudgemunk – DC Joint
    14. Danny Breaks – Zooloo Nation
    15. Gracias – HKI
    16. The Roots – Push Up Ya Lighter
    17. FatGyver – Sharkitect
    18. Damu The Fudgemunk – Guru Dedication
    19. Neveready – Rejections
    20. FatGyver – Path Of Bad Luck

  • Fanu’s new album “Serendipity” is out

    (art by Karezoid)

    Fanu’s new album, “Serendipity“, is out NOW. This is an incredible piece of art, big ups to Fanu! I’m really honored to be featured in this album, as the track #3 “Jupiter 2011” is a co-project by Fanu & Mineral. BUY at Digital Tunes, Amazon, Play.com, iTunes, Boomkat, or any decent web store – or check the Boomkat player below.

    Read full review of Serendipity – FANU on Boomkat.com ©

    Read full review of Serendipity – FANU on Boomkat.com ©

  • Recommended mix: Fanu – Cold Coffee DnB Mix

    The mr. Breakmachine himself, Fanu, has recorded a fresh dope mixtape. He is about to release his new album next week, in which I’m very proud to be featured in. The album includes a Fanu & Mineral collabo track “Jupiter 2011”, and the track is actually included in this mix… So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy out this cool mix!

    FANU – Cold Coffee dnb mix by Fanu

    01. Parallel & PshyKo-Logik – Critical Sound (dub)
    02. Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova (Blu Mar Ten)
    03. Joakuim – Never Been To NYC (Totaal Rez Recs)
    04. Fracture & Neptune – Music Ya’ll (forthcoming on Astrophonica)
    05. Fanu – I Can’t Sleep (Lightless)
    06. Fanu & Mineral – Jupiter 2011 (Lightless)
    07. Outrage – Darkest Fear (Backlash Music)
    08. Cartridge – Beat Crazy (free download)
    09. Fistfunk – Rebellion (Lightless dub)
    10. Trisector & Infader – Does Not Compute [Amoss Remix] (Hustle Audio Dub)
    11. Naibu – Use Of Weapons [Fracture & Neptune’s Astrophonica remix] (Warm Comms.)
    12. Fada – Tone Def (Omni Music)
    13. Fanu – Nuku (Lightless)
    14. Fanu feat. Dawn Joseph – Something Beautiful (unreleased)
    15. Infest – Blue Nature (Omni Music)
    16. Fanu – The Circle Of Sycamore Trees (Warm Comms.)

  • Pressure15 -club this Friday w/ Ulterior Motive!

    This weekend is going to be ultraspecial, as we’re bringing Ulterior Motive (Metalheadz, Subtitles, Critical) as our guest to the Pressure Club at Finland, Tampere, Yo-Talo. Make sure you come to the party, as it’s gonna be big, I’m telling ya!


    Here’s a short clip that I found. It’s myself playing at Pressure3. Hope this sets up the right mood for this friday! 🙂


    If you didn’t check these yet, Fanu and Esc did two fresh podcasts for the Science Crew. Both are amazing mixes and very much worth listening. Check ’em at www.sciencehki.net!

  • Mineral – Promomix 2011 (feat. various artists)

    I’m proud to present the fresh “Mineral – Promomix 2011”. This drum’n’bass mix includes 20 tunes by myself and remixes & collaboration tracks by featuring artists. Enjoy the mix!

    MINERAL – PROMOMIX 2011 [download]

    Mineral – Promomix 2011 by DJ mineral

    01. Mineral – Other Life (Trisector remix) [dub]
    02. Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral remix) [knowledge magazine remix contest]
    03. Mineral – Reach For The Stars – Ben Kama remix [forthcoming indajungle]
    04. Mineral – Lukumo (Audite & Wintermute remix) [forthcoming trust in music]
    05. Resound & Mineral – Below Zero [dub]
    06. Esc – Lost And Found (Mineral rmx) [IDJR110]
    07. Mineral – Jupiter (Fanu’s smelly kitchen remix) [forthcoming lightless]
    08. Mineral – Martial Arts [dub]
    09. Mineral – Everytime You Are Near [dub]
    10. Mineral – Need Your Love [forthcoming indajungle]
    11. Mineral – Lost Signal [dub]
    12. Mineral – God’s Symphony [forthcoming indajungle]
    13. Mineral – Spider (Naraka rmx) [forthcoming indajungle]
    14. Taajuus & Mineral – Four Years Later [dub]
    15. Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence remix) [forthcoming indajungle]
    16. Mineral – Step [mineral.fi_free_012]
    17. Mineral – Rushing Girl [dub]
    18. Mineral – Free Drum [dub]
    19. Esc – Kongo Tune (Mineral 2010 VIP) [mineral.fi_free_008]
    20. Mineral – Twisted Dream [forthcoming lightless]

    Check more sounds by Mineral at http://www.soundcloud.com/dj-mineral

    Mineral - Promomix 2011 (Coverart by Esc)

  • Free Track of The Week #6: Fanu – Shogun (remix)

    Breaks, unique sounds, atmospheric percussions and melodies that give you goosebumps? If this sounds perfect, this weeks Free Track of The Week is for you. Proudly presenting:

    Shogun (remix) by Fanu
    Fanu, master of breaksFanu is, without doubts, one of the most successful Finnish drum’n’bass & downtempo artists with a large scale of fans around the world. Fanu is a busy producer & DJ who spins vinyls around the world, and he has releases on quite a few labels: Subtitles, Commercial Suicide, Offshore, Ohm Resistance / Columbia, Breakin’, Warm Communications, Subtle Audio, Subvert Central, Thermal, Forestry Service , LoCuts, Soothsayer, 13 Music, Pauze, Darkestral, Pinecone Moonshine, Bonafide, Cyberset , and now he’s concentrating on his own label, Lightless Recordings.

    Personally, what I’ve always enjoyed most in Fanu’s production, is his unique style to chop the breaks, and his skills with the drums in general. Also, the atmospheres in both his downtempo and drum’n’bass production are very much worth mentioning. Check out the cool reverbs on the percussions of this Shogun remix, and you’ll know what I’m talking about! Amazing stuff, for real.


    Fanu has been working on a remix of my track “Jupiter” during the last weeks, and the remix is about to get finished. I’ve heard previews, and I gotta tell it is a DOPE remix! Also, I’m more than happy to announce that the it will be released later on Lightless Digital with another track by myself, Twisted Dream. Expect some serious amen rudeboy business in this release!

    Fanu on facebook
    Fanu on soundcloud

  • Free Track of The Week #4: Defence – Sight of Vision

    Prepare your coffees and adjust the bass to the max, as this week’s Free Track is about to lift you into some serious Drum’n’bass heaven. The free track of the week, “Sight of Vision“, is done by Defence, a really talented producer/DJ/promoter duo from Finland. The rolling dancefloorbeats accompanied with a twisted deep bassline make this track very much worth downloading. Check out this amazing track by Defence!


    Defence – Sight of Vision [download www.mineral.fi_free004]

    Defence – Sight Of Vision by Defence


    I’m also proud to present the fresh Defence remix of my track “Mineral – One Still Remains“. I’m really loving the vibes in this remix, thanks a lot Defence crew! 🙂 Check the clip of the remix:

    Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence Remix) by Defence


    ::DEFENCE:: w/ Lightless Label Night 20.11 @ Mbar, Helsinki

    With the ever-shortening days of November comes the next chapter of Drum & Bass awesomeness in the form of Defence in Mbar. This time around we’re celebrating changing seasons by hosting a label night dedicated to the well-respected Lightless Recordings. Representing the mighty label we have no other than the label owner Fanu and the legendary DJ / producer Dak. This all will take place on saturday, 20.11.2010 from 21:00 to 03:0…0 (GMT+2). Defence is honoured to host a night with a lineup of this magnitude, that would normally cost you an entrance fee, for absolutely free. No reason to miss.

    Check out the event facebook page!

  • Fanu – “Leave This World Behind” dnb mixtape

    Fanu did another absolutely awesome mix last weekend. Lots of really good tracks, I’m loving the old school vibes & rough beats innit. So make sure you check this out, if you haven’t already:

    01 – Blueprint – Lost Notes (forthcoming on Plush Recordings)
    02 – Mineral – Other Life (In Da Jungle)
    03 – K Dan – Heal Us All – Naibu remix (forthcoming on Hustle Audio)
    04 – Greenleaf – Take You Back (dub)
    05 – Sub – Skadi – Nebula Blue Note remix (Subtle Audio)
    06 – Paranoid Society – White Lies (Alphacut)
    07 – Below – The Post-Junglist Syndrome part 2 (dub)
    08 – Dejaru – Black Mask (Alphacut)
    09 – Ibunshi & Indidjinous – Swamp Funk – Equinox remix (Pinecone Moonshine)
    10 – DJ Trace – Final Chapta – Tim Reaper remix (DSCI4)
    11 – Sub – So Finster Die Nacht – Fracture’s Astrophonica remix (Pinecone Moonshine)
    12 – Fracture & Neptune – The Limit (Astrophonica)
    13 – Dak – Coffee (forthcoming on Lightless Digital)
    14 – Jiva – Paramatma – Fanu remix (Pinecone Moonshine)

    I was more than happy to see that my track “Mineral – Other Life” made it to the mix. Thanks for that Fanu, much appreciated 🙂

    Fanu is also working on a remix of my track called Jupiter. I’m really looking forward to Fanu’s remix, and I’ll let you know when it’s finished. So check back often!