• The Remixes Out Now!

    The two massive remixes by Ben Kama and Defence are finally out. Ben Kama’s remix of my track Reach For The Stars is a really dope dancefloor track. Defence’s remix of “One Still Remains” is a perfect liquid dnb roller. I’m really feeling both of these tracks and I’m so glad that they’re finally out on In Da Jungle -recordings. Thanks to Ben Kama and Defence for the remixes, much appreciated!

    Listen and buy the tracks below

    Mineral – Reach For The Stars (Ben Kama remix)

    Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence remix)

  • Liquid dnb remixes forthcoming

    Alright folks, here’s forthcoming Liquid dnb remixes of my tracks by Ben Kama and Defence. Listen below:

    Mineral – Reach For the Stars (Ben Kama remix)

    Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence remix)

    MINERAL, The Remixes: click here to buy


  • Defence & L.A.O.S. presents: Labour Day DnB Mashup @ 30.4 Mbar, Helsinki

    I’m playing here this weekend, make sure you join the dnb massive. Check more at Facebook.

  • Mineral – Promomix 2011 (feat. various artists)

    I’m proud to present the fresh “Mineral – Promomix 2011”. This drum’n’bass mix includes 20 tunes by myself and remixes & collaboration tracks by featuring artists. Enjoy the mix!

    MINERAL – PROMOMIX 2011 [download]

    Mineral – Promomix 2011 by DJ mineral

    01. Mineral – Other Life (Trisector remix) [dub]
    02. Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral remix) [knowledge magazine remix contest]
    03. Mineral – Reach For The Stars – Ben Kama remix [forthcoming indajungle]
    04. Mineral – Lukumo (Audite & Wintermute remix) [forthcoming trust in music]
    05. Resound & Mineral – Below Zero [dub]
    06. Esc – Lost And Found (Mineral rmx) [IDJR110]
    07. Mineral – Jupiter (Fanu’s smelly kitchen remix) [forthcoming lightless]
    08. Mineral – Martial Arts [dub]
    09. Mineral – Everytime You Are Near [dub]
    10. Mineral – Need Your Love [forthcoming indajungle]
    11. Mineral – Lost Signal [dub]
    12. Mineral – God’s Symphony [forthcoming indajungle]
    13. Mineral – Spider (Naraka rmx) [forthcoming indajungle]
    14. Taajuus & Mineral – Four Years Later [dub]
    15. Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence remix) [forthcoming indajungle]
    16. Mineral – Step [mineral.fi_free_012]
    17. Mineral – Rushing Girl [dub]
    18. Mineral – Free Drum [dub]
    19. Esc – Kongo Tune (Mineral 2010 VIP) [mineral.fi_free_008]
    20. Mineral – Twisted Dream [forthcoming lightless]

    Check more sounds by Mineral at http://www.soundcloud.com/dj-mineral

    Mineral - Promomix 2011 (Coverart by Esc)

  • Science Helsinki Podcast #13 by Defence is up at Sciencehki.net

    A fresh new Science podcast #13 by Defence is up at www.sciencehki.net.

    Defence was featured earlier at mineral.fi with the track “Sight of Vision” [mineral.fi_free004]. The duo’s mixes are spectacular, so I recommend this new Science podcast a lot!  “Deep, rolling beats and some of their own tunes too.”, says Trisector at sciencehki.net. Check out more defence: http://www.soundcloud.com/defence

    Science Podcast #13:

    01 sabre : ash – critical
    02 zero t : harms way – subtitles
    03 rockwell : full circle – shogun
    04 defence : daniel’s – dub
    05 alix perez : menacing ways – shogun
    06 need for mirrors : nevada – sgn:ltd
    07 all thieves : stars (zero t remix) – footprints
    08 sabre : global – subtitles
    09 defence : out of nowhere – dub
    10 zero t & ulterior motive : breach – subtitles
    11 s.p.y. : xenomorph – metalheadz
    12 defence & subsense : keep on walking – dub
    13 zero tolerance & beta 2 : bizzy time (break remix) – c.i.a. ltd
    14 esc : love (defence remix) – dub
    15 code 3 : escape hatch – sgn:ltd
    16 break & hydro : breathless (break VIP mix) – dnaudio
    17 defence : unknown – dub
    18 tc1 & dlr : space & time – dispatch
    19 alix perez : dark days – shogun
    20 sabre : havens verge – critical

  • Free Track of The Week #4: Defence – Sight of Vision

    Prepare your coffees and adjust the bass to the max, as this week’s Free Track is about to lift you into some serious Drum’n’bass heaven. The free track of the week, “Sight of Vision“, is done by Defence, a really talented producer/DJ/promoter duo from Finland. The rolling dancefloorbeats accompanied with a twisted deep bassline make this track very much worth downloading. Check out this amazing track by Defence!


    Defence – Sight of Vision [download www.mineral.fi_free004]

    Defence – Sight Of Vision by Defence


    I’m also proud to present the fresh Defence remix of my track “Mineral – One Still Remains“. I’m really loving the vibes in this remix, thanks a lot Defence crew! 🙂 Check the clip of the remix:

    Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence Remix) by Defence


    ::DEFENCE:: w/ Lightless Label Night 20.11 @ Mbar, Helsinki

    With the ever-shortening days of November comes the next chapter of Drum & Bass awesomeness in the form of Defence in Mbar. This time around we’re celebrating changing seasons by hosting a label night dedicated to the well-respected Lightless Recordings. Representing the mighty label we have no other than the label owner Fanu and the legendary DJ / producer Dak. This all will take place on saturday, 20.11.2010 from 21:00 to 03:0…0 (GMT+2). Defence is honoured to host a night with a lineup of this magnitude, that would normally cost you an entrance fee, for absolutely free. No reason to miss.

    Check out the event facebook page!