• Jungle Visions pt5 – mixed by Mineral

    Here’s the new Jungle Visions pt5 mixtape that I recorded a few days ago here in New York City. Jungle Visions is a mixtape series about various styles of Jungle/Drum’n’bass. It explores the deeper and more atmospheric sides of the genre. After being on hold for a while, it’s time to bring the mixtape series back with a fresh mix. Hope you enjoy the atmospheric mix.

    Jungle Visions Pt5 mixed by Mineral (1h 3min)

    01. Seba – Metropolaris : Warm Communications
    02. Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova : Blu Mar Ten
    03. Sabre – A Wandering Journal (Rockwell’s Club Mix) : Critical
    04. Atmospherix and M-zine – Kinetic : IM:Ltd
    05. Mineral – The Streets of New York : Mineral.fi free
    06. Source Direct – Shadows : Basement Records
    07. Mineral – It Could Be Just a Dream : In Da Jungle Records
    08. Seba – Nucleus : Svek
    09. Nevermind – Lost Soul (Omnius remix) : Amen Brothers Records
    10. Naraka & Furi Anga – Last Drops Of Sapphire : Brainz Recordings
    11. Mauoq – We Better Stop Them : Extent VIP Recordings (forthcoming)
    12. Anile – Never Together : Deepsoulmusic UK
    >> Loxy & Resound – Typecast : Loxyresound.com free
    13. Loxy & Resound – Typecast (June Miller rmx) Loxyresound.com free
    14. Esc – Secret Ways : Unsigned
    15. Nitrous – Lotus : In Da Jungle Records
    16. Photek – Ni Ten Itchi Ryu (Riot Remix) : free
    17. Sabre – 100 Theeth (Dub Phizix Remix): free
    18. Seathasky – Packet Loss : free
    19. Crimean – Snowflakes : free
    20. Bulb & N4m3 – From The Moon : free
    21. A-Negative & keOSz – Through Your Eyes : Totaal Rez forthcoming
    22. 5-Foot Nothing – Broken English (For Kelly) : free

  • Read my interview for the Finland Center Foundation New York

    I was recently interviewed by Finland Center Foundation (FCF), an organization that is the meeting point of Finnish and American culture, commerce and community.

    Read my “Finns in New York” interview by Katariina Forsberg at FCF’s blogsite:

    It’s about time Finnish DnB culture gets some attention in New York, don’t you think?




  • Science Hki Podcast #28: St. Laurent

    I noticed that the Science Helsinki Crew has put up another podcast up at their site. Actually I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m about to do that right now. And the tracklist seems so promising that I’ve gotta post the mix here right away… Check out this Podcast including lots of 90’s classics by St. Laurent.

    Science Hki #28 – St. Laurent

    01 photek : u.f.o. – photek
    02 source direct : concealed identity – science
    03 doc scott : far away (fourteen flavours of funk) – metalheadz
    04 wax doctor : finer things – r&s records
    05 dj pulse : return voyage (pulse & stretch remix) – moving shadow
    06 dj trace : miles high – deejay recordings
    07 photek : rings around saturn – photek
    08 seba : connected – good looking records
    09 appaloosa feat. dj dream : night train – good looking records
    10 artemis : fairlight – good looking records
    11 dj crystl : paradise – deejay recordings
    12 source direct : a made up sound – metalheadz
    13 jmj & richie : montana – moving shadow
    14 boymerang : lazarus – regal records

  • Esc started his weekly dnb tune pick ups

    Esc, the man behind the recent Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season Two Mixtape, has come up with an idea to pick up one drum’n’bass tune that he is feeling once a week. He’s also planning to maybe record a mixtape later on when he gets more tracks chosen. I was really honoured to have my new track Living the Dream chosen as the first track of the series. That’s great! Oh and thanks to everyone for the extremely nice feedback of the track. Please spread the word, comment and favorite the track if you like it!

    Make sure to check out Esc’s artist page for more tunes and his upcoming gigs: http://www.facebook.com/Escbreaks




  • New track “Mineral – Living The Dream”

    A busy start to the New Year, thanks to everyone who listened to or downloaded the Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season Two mix. Here’s a track that I’ve been working on recently in between enjoying the seasonal festivities, making New Year resolutions and spending the occasional late night at http://www.gamingclub.com/fi whilst mixing down some tracks. Listen below and please let me know what you think about the finished mix.

    “Living the Dream” is about the mysterious feeling when dreams and reality blur together. Although woken up, you still feel like the dreams go on… Enjoy this minimalistic dnb track and feel free to comment & share & sign. – Mineral @ NYC 2012 (www.mineral.fi)