• Fanu & Docius joined forces at Bassoradio

    I just came back to NYC from a really exciting trip to Atlanta. Now as I’m browsing through the new mixtapes and all the latest dnb stuff, guess what I found? The two jungle badboys Fanu & Docius have finally joined forces to bring us a massive monthly Drum’n’bass radioshow at Bassoradio.

    I really can’t tell how much I’ve enjoyed both these guys selections for years now, so this union is GOOD news. Fanuism meets Viidakkorumpu, yeah that’s what I’m talking ’bout… It doesn’t get any better than that. These junglists will be hosting this monthly show from now on, so these Fridays are something I’m really looking forward to. Boh!

    Anyways, In this radioshow 15 June 2012 they also played one of my tunes, Naraka remix of the track Spider, big ups guys! Check the recording below and tune the basses to max, ‘cos this 1 is a killa!

    OK, I’m off to the gym now listening this mix. GGrreeat!

    D&B show with Fanu & Docius on Bassoradio – archive of Jun 15, 2012 (download)

    d&b show with Fanu & Docius on Bassoradio (Jun 15, 2012) by Fanu

    01. Blu Mar Ten – Futureproof
    02. Skitty – Steelers
    03. Skunk Anansie – Secretly (Optical remix)
    04. Seba + Paradox – Time Starts Now
    05. Stranjah – 40 Days
    06. Resound + Loxy – Civil War
    07. Klute – Acid Rain
    08. Asylum – Da Bass II Dark
    09. Lion of Judah – Emperor Selassie I
    10. DJ Trax – Space Is The Place
    11. Future Forces & Dj Kane – Morpheus
    12. Defo – Moral
    13. Klute – Saviour
    14. Mineral – Spider (Naraka remix)
    15. Bulletproof – Funkthief
    16. Bad Company – Sentient
    17. Verb + Devastate – The Killzone
    18. Trace + Nico – Amtrak
    19. John Rolodex – Box Of Snakes
    20. D Bridge – Mourning Dawn
    21. Social Engineer – Her Sense
    22. Scape – Earthling
    23. Jonny L – PBX
    24. Ed Rush + Fierce – Locust
    25. Freestyles – Musically Dope (Ganja Kru remix)
    26. Stranjah – Fukk You
    27. Nemesis & Dj Kane – System (Optical & Fierce remix)
    28. Aphrodite – Bomber
    29. Cool Hand Flex – Ya Buzzin
    30. Kemal + Sinthetix – Ultraviolet
    31. Multi Flex – Time Lapse
    32. Todd Terry – Blackout
    33. Trace & Nico – Squadron
    34. Seba – Special Ops
    35. Polar – High Voltage

  • 2 free Mineral tracks: Still Waiting / Everytime You Are Near

    Still Waiting / Everytime You Are Near

    My newest drum’n’bass release (MSTK010) came out on Mastik label last Friday. The release includes two easy listening tracks with lots of atmosphere and breaks,  Still Waiting & Everytime You Are Near. Both of the tracks have been mastered so these are exclusive versions with high quality sounds. Grab a cup of coffee and start listening below!

    Download both tracks for free (mastered 320 .mp3)

    Mineral Still Waiting (free) by DJ mineral
    Mineral – Everytime You Are Near (MSTK010 Free) by DJ mineral

    Release Notes from Mastik website:

    This time your portion of soothing tunes and daydreaming mood comes up from Finland and artist called Mineral. The two tracks are produced in old good manner of home-listening drum-n-bass, though chill out rooms will gladly appreciate them also.

    Rolling drum loops with perfect pace and break downs, supported by flawless textures flying around and soft sub and classic reese basses. Both tracks stand out from other pieces of the genre in their unique arrangement structure and theme development.

    Mastik label goes on.

    Check more at Mastik website.

  • Fanu’s “Daylightless” and “Homefree” albums free

    Fanu has just given free downloads for his two first albums “Daylightless” and “Homefree” at Fanumusic.com. I’m telling you, this is totally crazy man… Amazing amounts of high quality breakbeat music.

    From Fanu’s site:

    “I’m feeling the love! 

    I’ve been feeling the increasing support and love I’ve been receiving from all my fans lately, and I feel that I want to be giving something back. I’m giving away two of my first full-length albums, ‘Daylightless’ from 2007 and ‘Homefree’ from 2009 (As some of you may know, so far I’ve put out three albums + a collabo one). Also, may this serve as something ya’ll can chew on while waiting for the new EP (titled “Coffee Crazy EP”).” 

    Here they are as a convenient download thru Dropbox or Soundcloud – you can choose the method that suits you best.

    Fanu – ‘Homefree’ album [Lightless 2009] direct download link
    Fanu – ‘Daylightless’ album [Lightless 2007] direct download link

    A Soundcloud set containing all the tracks in one set for quick browsing and downloading:

    Those of you who are interested in buying Daylightless in CD format or Homefree in vinyl format, follow these links:
    Daylightless CD at Chemical Records
    Homefree 3*12″ at Chemical Records

    Did you already buy Fanu’s 3rd album Serendipity?

    Fanu released his third album “Serendipity” in October 2011. It is definitely worth checking out, if you haven’t already. The album also includes a collabo track “Jupiter 2011” by Fanu & myself. Listen below: