• Exclusive Free Track #34: Dak – Tree

    Things are about to get heavy, as we celebrate the 100k visitors at mineral.fi with an absolutely brilliant free dnb track. The track “Tree” is produced by a Finnish artist Aki Haapaniemi alias Dak (Lightless recordings), and it’s filled with rough bassess and amen breakz. After being mastered by Macc at subvertmastering.com, the track is now available exclusively here at mineral.fi.

    Dak’s tracks have gotten massive support from various DJs worldwide and his Dak EP for Lightless Digital 2011 was a huge success. However, Dak has announced that he decided to step away from producing dnb, so this track will be his last release.

    If you like the track, please show Dak some appreciation -> like this post & spread the word!

    Mineral.fi Free Track #34: 

    Big ups to Dak for this amazing track. Download .mp3 or .wav and enjoy the track below!

    Dak – Tree (.wav)
    Dak – Tree (.mp3)












    Want to read more about Dak? Check out his interview at Sciencehki.net.

  • Free Track #30: Wagz – It’s Got to Be Worth Something

    We are reaching out to the final track of the Mineral.fi Season 2. The free track #30 is produced by no other than mr. Wagz (UK) and it’s called “It’s Got to Be Worth Something”. I love the laidback feeling in this chilly tune accompanied with the nostalgic vocals and generally relaxed atmosphere. This track definitely is worth something, worth a lot actually 🙂 Check’n’download!

    Wagz – It’s Got to Be Worth Something [download mineral.fi_free030]



    Some of you may remember that I already introduced Wagz here at mineral.fi with his beautiful track “Network” as the free track #28. I thought that this his sounds are so deep and atmospheric that I’ve gotta put another track of his into promotion. Anyways, if you didn’t know yet, Wagz is a talented drum’n’bass dj & producer from Sheffield, Britain (UK). His tracks been supported by Blu Mar Ten, Aaron Jay, Bulb, Chris Inperspective and LJ High (BassDrive). I’m really digging Wagz material, and you should definitely check his soundcloud for some more quality tracks.

  • Free Track #29: Bulb – Iceberg

    The next promoted mineral.fi free track comes from Russia by a really atmospheric artist known as Bulb. His track “Iceberg” is filled with a special atmosphere that really hits you deep. Listen and download below.

    Bulb – Iceberg [download mineral.fi_free029]

    Bulb – Iceberg by Bulb

    Daniil Vavilov, also known as Bulb aka Fill – young russian dnb/electronica producer and dj. He is not just a random ‘home-producer’ you might stumble upon and enjoy, he is a well-rounded artist who needs more spotlight without ever suggesting it. Check more about Bulb at Toolroom Publishing.

    Also make sure to check Bulb’s Soundcloud for some really cool tracks and “Into the Deep” drum’n’bass podcasts. Over 3200 fans at his soundcloud can’t be wrong – this dude has something unique in his music. Keep an eye for Bulb’s forthcoming records!


  • Free Track #28: Wagz – Network

    Mineral.fi Free Track #28 is an excellent tune by Wagz from the UK. I’m really digging the the mellow pads and melodies in this beautiful track. Check it and download below.

    Wagz – Network [download mineral.fi_free028]


    Dan Wagstaffe, alias Wagz, is a drum’n’bass dj & producer from Sheffield, Britain (UK). He has been DJ’ing actively alongside the likes of Goldie, Ca$h Money, Reprazent, Fabio, High Contrast and Marcus Intalex at Detonate, Metropolis and Amnesia House. His tracks have had support from Blu Mar Ten, Aaron Jay, Bulb, Chris Inperspective and LJ High (BassDrive).

    Wagz managed to end up being 2nd winner on Kmag’s Unsigned Competition Jun 2011 with his track “Nebulizer”. He was also recently interviewed by the Kmag, and he’s going strong with his music, for real.

    Make sure you check out Wagz soundcloud for some excellent tunes! Personally, I’m really into his style and really looking forward to hearing more of these atmospheric and mellow tracks from Wagz in the future.

  • Free Track #27: Agro feat. Paralloyd – Mind over matter

    If you like chilled drum’n’bass with melodic atmosphere and deep vibes, Mineral.fi Free Track #27 is the one for you. Check and download “Mind over matter” by Agro feat. Paralloyd. What a dope tune from the UK!

    Agro feat. Paralloyd – Mind over matter [download mineral_free027]

    Agro feat. Paralloyd – Mind over matter (FREE DOWNLOAD) by DJ Agro

    DJ Agro (www.soundcloud.com/djagrouk) has been around for a while now, affiliated with a lot of the UK’s fastest up & coming artists, labels & events. DJ Agro has played at some of the best venues around the south coast of UK. He has warmed up for some serious headline DJ’s & MC’s such as TC & Jakes, Hatcha, N-Type, Rodney P & Skitz, Fatman D, MC Mekar,MC Element, Herbzie, DJ Pleasure, DJ Hazard, Harry shotta, MC Fearless, Eksman, Jaydan, Sub zero, Disfunktion, The Ratpack, Logan D, Kenny Ken, Hamilton, Tantrum desire, Mattix & Futile, DJ Klip, DJ Krooks, ReaperZ, Hizzle Guy & Dismantle, DJ Overdose…

    Agro’s production has been released on Blue cheese, 6067 digi, Dub cartel, UK DNB, StemCell, Rotten cheese records. If you like this track, make sure you join his facebook page and check his soundcloud for more quality tracks!


  • Free Track #26: Fishy – Air

    Woyaa! The weekend is about to begin, and to celebrate it, we have Free Track #26 in promotion. If you like fresh, atmospheric, melodic, and chilly drum’n’bass, this one is definitely for you! I This week’s Free Track is produced by a young talent called Fishy from Norway, check out:

    Fishy – Air [download mineral_free026]

    Air by Fishy


    Fishy is a 22 year old guy from Norway producing mostly Drum n Bass (liquid, atmospheric). He has started producing very young, as he has already been producing music for 7 years. Fishy has signed his track to Rotation Recordings and Soul Bros Records and he is open for signing on other labels too.

    Go have a listen at Fishy’s soundcloud for many many quality tracks… This guy’s got talent, I’m telling ya!

  • Free Track #25: Mineral – The Streets of New York

    This next free track is all about the unique atmosphere that the Streets in New York gives you. It’s the City that Never Sleeps. Lights at the Skycrapers set up a unique atmosphere that is hard to describe with words… That is when music comes in.

    So with that said, grab a coffee, start listening and please share your comments if this atmosphere hits you…

    Download: Mineral – The Streets of New York

    Mineral – The Streets of New York by DJ mineral

    Mineral - The Streets of New York

  • Free Track #24: BMT – Believe Me (Antony G Remix)

    Hi folks, we’re going strong with another free track promotion. Check out this amazing remix by Antony G below and make sure you download it. I’m really diggin’ the mood in this chilly and atmospheric track, oww yezz.. Listen below!

    BMT – Believe Me (Antony G Remix) by Antony G

    Download the track here

    Antony G, i.e. Antonio Guerrieri, plays with music just for fun (fortunately or not, depending on you) by producing mostly drum n bass tracks and drum n bass remix that can be found just on some social network player (like MySpace, Facebook, SoundCloud and so on), since still unsigned.

    Antony G, i.e. Antonio Guerrieri, comes from Bari, Italy but mostly of him time is spent in Potenza (Italy) where works. What Antonio Guerrieri does for work is out of the scope of the present promotion, so that doesn’t matter.

    Antony G started early playing with analogic circuit boards he made himself. (they were the times of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and progressive music in itself, then Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre the so called electronic music). Indeed, the power of computing, of nowadays sequencers and virtual instruments permitted him to really start composing, arranging, mixing and producing the music he like. (they were the times of The Orb, Aphex Twin and Chemical Brothers).

    It was a video on Circle (Adam F) and the discovering of so much “underground” music styles (thanks to Internet) that addressed him to the Drum n Bass genre.

    He is particularly impressed by LTJ Bukem production and recently by Alaska, Big Bud, Blu Mar Ten, Calibre, Paradox, Seba and some other, so that it easily to anticipate the production style of Antony G: Ambient, Chilled, Jazzy Drum n Bass, the improperly-called Intelligent style, so far from the rough dance styles, but so pleasant to him …

    More of Antony G’s production can be reached here:

    Please favorite his tracks if you like them, download when possible and feel free to comment! Make sure to check out, as there’s some dope tunes in there…

  • Free Track: Mineral – The Focus [IDJRFREE029]

    Hi folks! In Da Jungle recordings released my track “The Focus” as a free track, and I’d like to highlight the track here at Mineral’s as well. Check out the track below and download now!

    IDJRFREE029: Mineral – The Focus by In Da Jungle Recording

    Also available from Mineral on In Da Jungle Recording:

    IDJR029: Mineral – It Could Be Just A Dream

    IDJR069: Mineral – Jupiter EP

    IDJR121: Mineral – Spider EP

    Check my oher artist links:
    DJ mineral

    Released by: In Da Jungle Recording
    Release/catalogue number: IDJRFREE029
    Release date: Aug 6, 2011

  • Free Track #22: Diphasic – de Chante

    The newest Free Track promotion comes from Singapore. “De Chante” by Diphasic is a really deep and atmospheric track with some special vibes. Check it out!

    * update at the end of 2011: This track was actually signed and released on on Sonoptix Records, so it is no longer free for dl. But you can sitll support Diphasics and buy the track.

    Diphasic – de Chante [listen mineral_free022]
    de Chante by diphasic

    After years of playing in punk rock bands, diphasic gradually veered toward electronic music production. Drawing inspirations from diverse influences, his productions are culminations of percussive grooves and esoteric soundscapes of dub. The minimal atmospheres in his tracks are really unique and very much worth listening. For example track “Discretionary” is a fresh minimal track that I’d recommend. Check out his other productions at Diphasic’s soundcloud!