• Free Track #24: BMT – Believe Me (Antony G Remix)

    Hi folks, we’re going strong with another free track promotion. Check out this amazing remix by Antony G below and make sure you download it. I’m really diggin’ the mood in this chilly and atmospheric track, oww yezz.. Listen below!

    BMT – Believe Me (Antony G Remix) by Antony G

    Download the track here

    Antony G, i.e. Antonio Guerrieri, plays with music just for fun (fortunately or not, depending on you) by producing mostly drum n bass tracks and drum n bass remix that can be found just on some social network player (like MySpace, Facebook, SoundCloud and so on), since still unsigned.

    Antony G, i.e. Antonio Guerrieri, comes from Bari, Italy but mostly of him time is spent in Potenza (Italy) where works. What Antonio Guerrieri does for work is out of the scope of the present promotion, so that doesn’t matter.

    Antony G started early playing with analogic circuit boards he made himself. (they were the times of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and progressive music in itself, then Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre the so called electronic music). Indeed, the power of computing, of nowadays sequencers and virtual instruments permitted him to really start composing, arranging, mixing and producing the music he like. (they were the times of The Orb, Aphex Twin and Chemical Brothers).

    It was a video on Circle (Adam F) and the discovering of so much “underground” music styles (thanks to Internet) that addressed him to the Drum n Bass genre.

    He is particularly impressed by LTJ Bukem production and recently by Alaska, Big Bud, Blu Mar Ten, Calibre, Paradox, Seba and some other, so that it easily to anticipate the production style of Antony G: Ambient, Chilled, Jazzy Drum n Bass, the improperly-called Intelligent style, so far from the rough dance styles, but so pleasant to him …

    More of Antony G’s production can be reached here:

    Please favorite his tracks if you like them, download when possible and feel free to comment! Make sure to check out, as there’s some dope tunes in there…

  • I just moved to New York City

    Oh well, life is crazy sometimes… Last Sunday I actually moved to New York, Manhattan. Yeah, that’s right! Moving here to NYC is pretty much the biggest thing I’ve ever done so I’m really excited… The first impressions of the City includes mad amounts of busy business people, different cultures, yellow cabs rushing through the avenues, skyscrapers nearly touching the clouds, etc. Couldn’t feel much better to be honest. There’s a lot to experience. How cool is that?


    I’m really looking forward to checking the local D’n’B scene too. Gonna write some experiences to you for sure, when I get to know the local people better.

    Actually now that I’m living here, I’m also planning to put more effort to music and also I’ll try to update Mineral’s more frequently. As I write this, there’s actually a nice track by Antony G going to be promoted soon, coming from Italy. So check back soon… !