• Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral remix) finished for Knowledge magazine contest

    I just finished my dnb remix for the Knowledge magazine “Seba – Painted Skies” remix contest. Feedback would be much appreciated – please share your thoughts at soundcloud! šŸ™‚

    Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral remix) by DJ mineral

  • Free Track of The Week #17: Resound – Northern Lights

    The Free Track of The Week #17 comes from Resound, a good friend of mine who’s been around in the dnb scene for more than a decade. Check the atmospheres in the track “Northern Lights” by the one and only Resound – produced back in 2000!

    Resound – Northern Lights [download mineral.fi_free017]

    Resound is a musician/producer and DJ from Tampere, Finland. Many know him from his music on such record labels as Digital Soundboy, Renegade Hardware, Razorā€™s Edge/Metalheadz, Function and Secret Operations. He also does a lot of mixing/engineering/mastering work for others.

    Resound’s style is timeless, I’d say. Just think about this track “Northern Lights”: it was done more than a decade ago and it still sounds SO fresh with the atmospheric melodies and fine unique beat variations. No wonder Resound is recognized worldwide as a producer and dj.


    One of Resound’s newer productions, “Vertigo”, done in collaboration with Loxy was released recently, and it is definitely worth checking out. Listen & buy at Juno and other good record stores. Also, hold tight for the Loxy & Resound album which is due on Exit laterā€¦


    We’ve also been working on a yet untitled drum’n’bass track with Resound, and the track is about to get finished.

    I’m planning to record a mixtape later this week including this new track (and bunch of other new tracks!), and it’ll be available here at mineral.fi next week. This is a mix that I’ve been planning to record for a long time, so check back soon!


  • St. Laurent & Trisector present a fine new Science Podcast #15

    There’s a fresh new Science podcast available at Sciencehki.net,Ā a truly recommended podcast. I was happy to see that my track Jupiter made it to the tracklist,Ā much appreciated guysĀ :).

    science hki #15 – st. laurent & trisector [download and listen]

    01 method one : sequential – dub
    02 flame : watcher – med school
    03 furi anga : the day my unicorn died – shadybrain
    04 pieter k : one of them – inperspective
    05 polska : google plex – subtle audio
    06 commix : underwater scene – soul:r
    07 seba : valley of the moomins – good looking
    08 naibu : discrete – horizons
    09 abstract elements : essence of time – exit
    10 kr4y : steed – t3k
    11 histibe : pulsar – offkey
    12 data & k2 : kyoshojutsu – cylon
    13 fistfunk : tetsuo – lightless dub
    14 heavy 1 : you’ll be over – he:digital
    15 k : trackspill – thermal
    16 dak : skunk – lightless digital
    17 mineral : jupiter – indajungle
    18 naraka : outsider looking in – vampire
    19 rockwell : noir (ulterior motive remix) – critical
    20 las : dodge – dub
    21 commix : city section – exit
    22 blu mar ten : believe me (bop remix) – blu mar ten
    23 linden : tuva (morphy remix) – nerve

  • Free Track of The Week #16: Puzzle – No Motion

    The Season Two of the free tracks starts with a magnificent tune, “No Motion” by Puzzle. It’s an amazing piece of art, atmospheric dnb with deep vibes. Grab your coffees and start listening.

    Puzzle – No Motion [download mineral.fi_free016]

    Puzzle – No Motion by Puzzle

    Puzzle alias Juho Kavasto is a very talented young musician hailing from Finland. He was featured at mineral.fi earlier with his track “Kumoi“, and now we have the luxury to enjoy and download another fine track by this promising artist. I can’t tell you how much I like the pads accompanied with the deep bass and minimalistic melodies. The feeling in “No Motion” is really atmospheric and somehow unreal – these melodies set up a really unique mood. Hope you enjoy this track as much as I do. And if you do, make sure to join Puzzle’s soundcloud & facebook, the links are below!


    – Puzzleā€™s facebook: http://www.facebook.com/puzzlednb
    – Puzzleā€™s soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/puzzlednb


    Finally, thanks to all of you guys who have been sending tracks to mineral.fi. Please keep on sending your music, as its is always a pleasure to listen fresh drum’n’bass, and the best ones will get featured as Free Tracks of the Week!

  • St. Laurent – Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season One mix

    It’s time to wrap up the first 15 Free Tracks at Mineral.fi.Ā I’m proud toĀ presentĀ a fresh & brilliant mixtape by St. Laurent including all the Free Tracks (01-15) so far:

    St. Laurent – Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season One [download season one mix]

    01. Furi Anga – The Human Project
    02. Mineral – The Neverending Story
    03. Fanu – Shogun Remix
    04. Wintermute – The Rift Between
    05. Eclipse – Tricky
    06. Naraka – Bent Sky 2k10
    07. Defence – Sight Of Vision
    08. Trisector & InZtance – Something To Give
    09. Ben Kama – Someone
    10. Mineral – Step
    11. Physics – Never The Same
    12. Radicall – Plus
    13. Puzzle – Kumoi
    14. Esc – Kongo Tune (Mineral 2010 VIP)
    15. Burma – Gringo

    All tunes are downloadable at the Free Track of The Week -section.

    At his early teenage years Lauri Hynninen aka St. Laurent was introduced to drum & bass by the boy next door ā€“ how romantic! After listening countless hours to the newly released Timeless by Goldie and things coming out from Good Looking Records, there certainly was no turning back. It was exactly those exciting drum rolls, amen variations and deep punching basslines that made him fall in love.

    In addition to being a big coffee enthusiast he’s also spending his spare time running the monthly Funk’it club and being part of the Science HKI cru. And this is the key point to the musical variety of this gentleman.

    Apart from drum & bass, he’s collecting music from soul and funk to jazz and house. Still, the main focus is in drum & bass ā€“ all sorts of it. As he puts it, “If it’s jazzy or has a lot of atmosphere and amen break, I probably dig it!”

    Check more mixtape madness by St. Laurent at http://soundcloud.com/st-laurent/

  • Finnish Drum’n’Bass and Dubstep collection 2010 one year birthday!

    The Finnish drum and bass and dubstep collection 2010Ā was released exactly a year ago. I was really proud to be featured in this CD / digital release with my track “Venus” (check below).Ā Now I want to honour the release at this special birthday. Thanks again for making this collectionĀ LAOS-crew!

    Clip Mineral – Venus by largeamountofsoul

    “This collection sets a point in time where a lot of history and Finnish electronic music culture is ļ¬tted in one package. It was more than 10 years ago when a few dnb scene afļ¬liates started talking about making a collection of Finnish breakbeat music. Sometimes good things take their time. In 2010 Finnish drum and bass and dubstep scene is more vital than ever. New artists are popping like mushrooms in the rain and established names are putting out albums that get international recognition. There is no better time than this to present the sound of Finnish drum and bass and dubstep to the wide audience”

    Listen to the other tracks in this releaseĀ and read more


    I’ve got somethingĀ really special planned for the next monday –Ā make sure to checkĀ back… šŸ™‚