Recommended mix: Fanu – Cold Coffee DnB Mix

The mr. Breakmachine himself, Fanu, has recorded a fresh dope mixtape. He is about to release his new album next week, in which I’m very proud to be featured in. The album includes a Fanu & Mineral collabo track “Jupiter 2011”, and the track is actually included in this mix… So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy out this cool mix!

FANU – Cold Coffee dnb mix by Fanu

01. Parallel & PshyKo-Logik – Critical Sound (dub)
02. Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova (Blu Mar Ten)
03. Joakuim – Never Been To NYC (Totaal Rez Recs)
04. Fracture & Neptune – Music Ya’ll (forthcoming on Astrophonica)
05. Fanu – I Can’t Sleep (Lightless)
06. Fanu & Mineral – Jupiter 2011 (Lightless)
07. Outrage – Darkest Fear (Backlash Music)
08. Cartridge – Beat Crazy (free download)
09. Fistfunk – Rebellion (Lightless dub)
10. Trisector & Infader – Does Not Compute [Amoss Remix] (Hustle Audio Dub)
11. Naibu – Use Of Weapons [Fracture & Neptune’s Astrophonica remix] (Warm Comms.)
12. Fada – Tone Def (Omni Music)
13. Fanu – Nuku (Lightless)
14. Fanu feat. Dawn Joseph – Something Beautiful (unreleased)
15. Infest – Blue Nature (Omni Music)
16. Fanu – The Circle Of Sycamore Trees (Warm Comms.)