• Free Track of the Week: Mineral – The Neverending Story

    The first Free Track of the Week is up. Download:

    The Neverending Story by myself is the very first Free Track of the Week here at www.mineral.fi. It is a melodic and atmospheric track with lots of breakvariations involved. The pads, piano, strings and a strong bassline will set up a fragile mood for all you atmospheric dnb listeners out there.  Any comments would be more than welcome – hope you like it!

    Want Your track to become Track of The Week?

    I know there are a lot of producers and great awesome music around that hasn’t been released. If you have drum’n’bass demotracks that are not released on any label, feel free to send your tracks to me (ilkka.kurkela@mineral.fi). The idea is to make your non-released demotracks public here and downloadable free to drum’n’bass fans around the world. One track will be released each week.

    I’ll be more than happy to promote good drum’n’bass music, so send in your tracks now!