Bulb – Into the Deep 016 podcast

Bulb is without a doubt one of the biggest names in the deeper dnb scene with nearly 4000 soundcloud fans. This time he pampers us with a special 2-year anniversary Into The Deep 016 -Podcast. I was really glad that he played my new tune “Living the Dream” among a bunch of high quality tracks. Thanks a lot Bulb, much appreciated. Listen & download below!

01. Fill – Natural Pattern [free]
02. Venture – Together We Fall [Night Tracks]
03. Borealis – Not Of This Reality (Crimean Remix) [Origami Sound / free]
04. Coerce – Chatuchak [dub]
05. Evy Jane – Sayso (Julien Mier Remix) [King Deluxe / free]
06. KeOSz – Mountain Level [Offworld dub]
07. Mineral – Living The Dream [dub]
08. Oscillist – Finding Solace [dub]
09. Neurotoxin & aColdZero – Camel [dub]
10. Beastie Respond – Dreams & Reality [dub]
11. Blu Mar Ten – All Or Nothing (Bulb Rethink) [free]
12. Mutated Forms – Feels Like [Med School]
13. FullCasual & The Torch ft. Intimate – Mute [Intelligent dub]
14. Thesis – Eclipse [Rotation Deep dub]
15. Nuage – Satellites [Reminiscence Audio dub]
16. Mode – Towers [free]
17. SoundNbeats & KeOSz – Foggy Night [Rotation Deep dub]
18. Sean Byrd – Woke Up Missing You [Plastic Sound Supply / free]
19. Korsun – Trees [dub]
20. Barefoot – Darkling Sky [dub]

Thanks everyone for music! Love each other.

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