• I just moved to New York City

    Oh well, life is crazy sometimes… Last Sunday I actually moved to New York, Manhattan. Yeah, that’s right! Moving here to NYC is pretty much the biggest thing I’ve ever done so I’m really excited… The first impressions of the City includes mad amounts of busy business people, different cultures, yellow cabs rushing through the avenues, skyscrapers nearly touching the clouds, etc. Couldn’t feel much better to be honest. There’s a lot to experience. How cool is that?


    I’m really looking forward to checking the local D’n’B scene too. Gonna write some experiences to you for sure, when I get to know the local people better.

    Actually now that I’m living here, I’m also planning to put more effort to music and also I’ll try to update Mineral’s more frequently. As I write this, there’s actually a nice track by Antony G going to be promoted soon, coming from Italy. So check back soon… !

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    • Hi, Ilkka!

      I´m so sorry I haven´t had time to call you but I´m sure you´ll understand it. I am a hardworking woman… Anyhow, I have sent you e-mail when needed, and you have answered very quickly. I have to say, I miss you, hope you are feeleng good there. I promise, I´ll try to call you on Monday.

      As a matter of fact, I promised to me today, that I´ll call you today, but I couldn´t, because I have so many inside customers and they obviously needed me…

      All the bes for you and your wife,

      Best regards,

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