• Mineral.fi 1st Birthday w/ 25 Free dnb Tracks

    After 25 free tracks, 60 blog posts and over 12.000 unique visitors, I’m delighted to celebrate Mineral.fi’s 1-year birthday. Launching this site a year ago has proven to be a really inspiring journey for me, as music has always played a big role in my life. I can honestly say that the site has taken it all to the next level as many of my tracks have been signed to respected labels. I’ve also learned quite a lot about blogging, social media, marketing in music industry among tons of other things that I’m interested in…

    But most importantly, I have been proud to promote artists and the worldwide movement of dnb music in general.

    Finnish and International drum’n’bass tracks for your enjoyment

    We have experienced some extraordinary moments during the first year of the site. Big drum’n’bass names like Fanu, Resound, Furi Anga, Ben Kama and Trisector from Finland have contributed by giving us free tunes. Also fresh younger Finnish talents such as Puzzle, Dangerdogg and Defence have amazed us with their skilled sounds.

    In addition to the Finnish artists, we’ve had the luxury to listen to Italian (Mauoq, Anthony G), British, (J Melodic), Estonian (inZtance), German (Wintermute), and Polish (Radicall & Eclipse) music just to name a few… We’ve even had the chance to listen to a track from Singapore by Diphasics. It’s crazy but without doubts, this site has definitely become an international place for atmospheric drum’n’bass artists worldwide.

    One of the very best highlights of this year was definitely when the Finnish skillful dj St. Laurent recorded all the first 15 free tracks together in a brilliant mix. You should check it out now, if you missed this classic mix! (I’m actually listening to it atm, and it IS good man..)

    Thanks to all of you, 63.000 visits!

    I am very proud to announce that we’ve had over 63.000 visits at the site during the first year. That includes over 12.000 unique visitors, and the numbers are growing steadily. If you like to support the site and drum’n’bass culture even more, feel free to join Mineral’s social networking sites:

    If you are really in the mood for supporting my music, you are more than welcome to buy my released tracks at digital record stores like juno or digital tunes.

    Finally, I’d like to say special thanks to all the 22 artists contributing during the first year. These innovative artists that keep on pushing fresh atmospheric sounds for our enjoyment are Naraka, Ben Kama, Defence, Trisector & inZtance, Fanu, Wintermute, Esc, Puzzle, Eclipse, Burma, Furi Anga, Radicall, Physics, St. Laurent, Resound, J Melodic, Mauoq, Dangerdogg, Diphasic, Anthony G and finally myself Mineral. Big big thanks to you all!

    Also big thanks to the one and only Kongocrew, Pressurecrew, Sciencecrew, all the Tampere & Helsinki Dnb massive, people who have invited me to play dj gigs, LAOS -crew, all friends and fans, and of course big thanks to my lovely wife Anna for supporting me with all the music projects. Let’s keep the music rollin’…

    The journey continues…

    As I’m writing this update, the Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season Two is going on strong. We already have tracks #16-25 available for your enjoyment, and when we get to around free track #30, you should expect Mineral.fi Free Tracks Season Two mix by a special guest dj… so keep checking back.

    If you want your track to get promoted, please feel free to send me your tracks at Ilkka.kurkela[at]mineral.fi. Much appreciated!