• Free Track #31: Mineral – Still Waiting (300 fans appreciation)

    I promised to give another free track when we reach 300 fans at soundcloud. I just realized that we’ve crossed the mark, so it’s time to celebrate. Thanks a lot! The next surprise will be at the 500-fan-mark so keep on spreading the word 🙂

    Still Waiting is a chilly old schoolish dnb track I did back in 2006. It has been played by many djs in various chillout gigs and legendary radiochannels like YleX & Bassoradio, but the track was never released on any label. Considering today’s dnb standards, it has quite a low bpm, but I’d say that somehow the slower tempo allows more variations to the breaks and gives you a nice little groove, don’t you think? Ah well, it’s up to you to decide. If you like Good Looking Records material, this one’s definitely for you!

    Free Track #31: Mineral – Still Waiting [free download]

    If you like Still Waiting, I’d suggest you to check one of my earlier releases on In Da Jungle Recordings. It has the same GLR style with melodic and chilly pads & old school breaks. Buy the track if you feel like supporting an artist. 😉