• Blu Mar Ten – All Or Nothing (Mineral remix)

    Kmag is running a Blu Mar Ten remix contest and I decided to take part in it. Here’s my contribution. Please share your comments and favorite this, if you like it! 🙂

    We’re going back to the basics of atmo dnb in this remix: rolling beats & breaks with natural sounding basslines accompanied with atmospheric melodies.

    I wanted my remix to sound very different from the original, so I ended up rebuilding most of the elements, yet wanting the remix to resemble the original song at some parts. I spiced up the original piano with new old schoolish pads and melodies.

    Hope you like my contribution to the Kmag Blu Mar Ten remix contest. I put a lot of effort in producing this track, so feedback would be much appreciated. Please share your comments and favorite the track if you like it! – Mineral at New York 24th Feb 2012.