• New dnb release and free track #35


    Finally. Two of my tracks have been released today. Proudly presenting…

    Mineral – Back Then / Living The Dream (IDJ180)


    Free track #35: Mineral – Rolling On

    Also, I promised to give you a free track when we hit 500-fans at Soundcloud, and we did! THANKS to you all and hope you love this liquid dnb track of mine. It is a great day to celebrate with !  Hope you guys comment and share the word, thanks 🙂

  • Feeling super excited


    Big things coming up guys, check back this Friday as lots of great stuff will appear here…!

    “Back Then / Living the Dream” to be released this Friday on In Da Jungle

    First, I feel really good as I’m listening to the fresh masters of the upcoming Mineral -release “Back Then / Living the Dream”. The tracks sound PHAT, I’m telling ya… This release is something that I’ve been waiting for a long time and I am super excited at the moment… It’ll be up this Friday. Check the tracks below:


    500 fans at Soundcloud: A Free Mineral track to be released


    Oh yes! Mineral soundcloud account reached the 500-fans-mark and I will be giving a free track as I promised earlier. The free track is called “Rolling On” and it is a liquid roller – just like the name says. I will release the free track this Friday to celebrate the new Release on IDJ.

    Are you a follower yet? Join the movement: https://soundcloud.com/dj-mineral

    The Mineral.fi -site 3rd birthday party

    Wohoo, this site was launched back in October 2013 and I am really glad that things are still rolling nicely after three years. I can’t explain how important it is to me to keep “Mineral” stuff alive. At the moment I feel extremely enthusiastic about the future of this site and music and of course all the readers and fans. You guys rock. I’ve got some big plans for the future…

    Anyway, hope you guys will check back this Friday to celebrate the release and grab the free Mineral tune… Cheers! 🙂

  • Mineral guest mix for Sciencehki at mixcloud

    Yo guys… One of my earlier mixes is available at Mixcloud. I remember putting quite a lot of effort in this one in 2011. Personally, I think this is one of the best mixes I’ve ever managed to record… Gee, this brings back a bunch great memories, as I was living in NYC while recording this. So tune in the mix and feel the scyscraper-atmosphere!

    Again, big respect & thanks to the sciencehki crew for this opportunity!

    Science Helsinki Podcast #27: Mineral by Science Helsinki Podcast on Mixcloud

    “We’ve had some pretty awesome people play guest mixes for the podcast. This time it was Mineral’s turn to bring in the goodies. He is a Finnish drum’n’bass producer with multiple releases on labels like Lightless and In Da Jungle.

    Check more of Sciencehki at



  • D&B show with Fanu & Docius on Bassoradio (Sep 20 2013)

    Fanu and Docius

    A kicking dnb show by Fanu & Docius at Bassoradio last Friday. Recommended, as always.

    Check: https://soundcloud.com/fanu/d-b-show-with-fanu-on-3

    Fanu & Docius on Bassoradio on Sep 20.

    (there may be some errors in the tracklist but hey whatever man!)
    01. Polska – Fondle (Breakin)
    02. Polska – Blakoh (Subtle Audio)
    03. Peshay – On The Nile (Metalheadz)
    04. ?
    05. DJ Teebee – Distant Origin (Thermal)
    06. Fanu – Rendlesham (Subtitles)
    07. Seba – Say You Love Me (Secret Operations)
    08. cyba space – what way to turn [dom & roland remix]
    09. alabama 3 – ain’t going to goa [dillinja mix]
    10. DJ Teebee – Human Reptile [Calyx & Teebee remix] (Subtitles)
    11. Remarc – Da Drumz (Planet Mu)
    12. roots – epidemic
    13. shimon & andy c – mutation remix
    14. paranoid user – pitch black
    15. Le Tigre – Deceptacon
    16. Lemon D – Manhattan Melody (Hardleaders)
    17. Tim Reaper – Ethereality
    18. Psycho Mantis – Sing To Me (Subtle Audio)
    19. T.Power vs. MK-Ultra – Mutant Jazz [Getafix bootleg remix]
    20. karlk k – synapse (konflict remix)
    21. Paranoid User – Safe Guard
    22. Hidden Element – Reload, Replay (Opposite Rec. dub)
    23. Need For Mirrors – Grapefruit (Dispatch)
    24. Overlook – Digital (31 Records)
    25. Fistfunk – untitled dub
    26. Rhyming in Fives – With You (Narratives)
    27. basement jaxx – lucky star (dillinja remix)
    28. kraken – dominion
    29. boom boom satellites – auto re-birth 2 (optical remix)
    30. dj red – killahertz
    31. Scorpio – Trouble (V)
    32. spy – z-plane
    33. Mr Oizo – Analog Worms Attack
    34. red one –  strangled duck [origin unknown remix]
    35. DJ Teebee, Polar, Calyx – Pensile Dreamer (Subtitles)
    36. magnetic media – robotics

  • 19 fans to go

    music gift

    We are getting closer to the 500-fans-mark at DJ-Mineral soundcloud and the reward that I promised: free Mineral track to download. Spread the word folks to get some music while drinking your coffees. We’re at 481 fans, so 19 more fans to go… Getting closer!


  • In Da Jungle Recording Goodies – 43 free tracks

    If you love drum’n’bass and you are looking for some free tracks, check this one: In Da Jungle Recording presents currently 43 high quality tracks. Listen them below or directly at soundcloud.


    There’s also one free track by myself included, Mineral – The Focus. Lemme highlight it here…

  • Time to reward the soon-to-be-500 Soundcloud fans


    Woah, I noticed that there are nearly 500 followers at my soundcloud, 474 to be exact. Thanks guys – you mean the world to me!

    Anyway, it’s time for a reward… When the reach the 500-mark, I promise to provide you another free Mineral-track! So spread the word folks, only 26 more fans to go 🙂

  • Forthcoming sounds on 1st November


    Folks, 1st November 2013 will be a special day. My tracks “Living the Dream” and “Back Then” will be released on In Da Jungle-recordings. I Just uploaded “Back Then” to my soundcloud so check it out below. Some Good Looking’ish material that is best served with loads of coffee 🙂

    Here’s Living The Dream, too, if you haven’t checked it yet…

  • FatGyver is born


    Heard some cool news yesterday. The Finnish dnb-legend Fanu has started a new alias FatGyver to express his hiphop-styled feelings with lots of 90’s attitude. Really looking forward to hearing his stuff. Check in more detail at his blog. The first mixtape is available at soundcloud, listen below or download the mix.

    FatGyver: Beats-Fueled Brewtality (mix) tracklist

    01. Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic – Streamline
    02. DJ Premier – Doomp Doomp Doomp
    03. DJ Krush – Maze
    04. Mobb Deep – Extortion
    05. LoopMaffia – Summer Snow
    06. Pete Rock – Hip Hopcrisy
    07. DJ Krush – Kemuri
    08. B Real & Dr. Dre – Decisions, Decisions
    09. Damu The Fudgemunk – Coffee Table
    10. Oriole – Space-Year-Beat
    11. Pete Rock – # 1 Soul Brother
    12. Q Funktion – Like I Usually Do
    13. Damu The Fudgemunk – DC Joint
    14. Danny Breaks – Zooloo Nation
    15. Gracias – HKI
    16. The Roots – Push Up Ya Lighter
    17. FatGyver – Sharkitect
    18. Damu The Fudgemunk – Guru Dedication
    19. Neveready – Rejections
    20. FatGyver – Path Of Bad Luck

  • Myyränhengitys crew visited Science Hki at Bassoradio

    Yo guys, what’s up. If you didn’t listen to Bassoradio’s DNB show last friday, it is up now and definitely worth checking out. The ScienceHki crew had Esc and Joe Loud as guest DJs and they played some beats’n’basses. Both Esc and Joe Loud have recorded mixes for Jungle Visions -series as well. More info at Science Hki.

    If you want to hear more mixes from the guest DJs, check out their mixcloud pages: http://www.mixcloud.com/esc/ & http://www.mixcloud.com/joeloud/

    Basso Drum’n’bass Show with Science Hki with special guests Esc & Joe Loud by Basso Drum’n’Bass Show on Mixcloud



    dBridge & Skeptical – Move Way [R&S]
    SoulCouture – Smoke That [FORCE Recordings]
    Frankee – Firethorn [Program]
    Fields – Colours [Utopia Music]
    Reborn – Mario In Computer Hell [NexGen]
    Pulsaar – Living The Moment [Jazzsticks]
    Dynamic & mSdoS – Highway Patrol [Good Looking Records]
    Naibu – Just Like You (Fracture Remix) [Horizons Music]

    Indigo – The Root [Exit]
    Hatti Vatti – Palms [Absys Records Ltd.]
    Beastie Respond – No More [Teal Recordings]
    Stealth & Stylus – One Way [Ingredients]
    Skeptical – Dream Police [Ingredients]
    Hybris – Out Of Place [Invisible]
    Croms – Invisible Cities [Exit]
    ASC – Phobos [Non-Plus]
    Data – Delicate [Influence]
    Naibu ft. Jinadu – Decay (Om Unix Remix) [Horizons Music]
    Clarity – Forensics [Blackout]
    JoJoe – 4th Floor [Alignment]
    Skeptical – Eyes Down [Exit]
    Omni Trio – Kinetic [Moving Shadow]
    Alix Perez feat. D.Ablo – Playing Games [Shogun Audio]
    Future Signal – Nemesis [IM:Ltd]
    J:Kenzo feat. Rhianna Kenny – Eyes Wide Open (dBridge Remix) [Tempa]
    Heavy1 & Key – Prison [Yabai 84]

    Science boys back in the mix
    King FiFi – Oh Baby [45Seven]
    Skittles – In For Me (Need For Mirrors Remix) [Estate]
    Abstract Elements – Acid Coke [Demand]
    Psycho Mantis – Obituary [dub]
    Psycho Mantis – Mind Control Music [Interactive]
    dBridge – Death Of A Drum Machine [R&S]
    Consequence – A Man And A Woman [Exit]