• Mineral – Where Do The Sounds Come From? -released on Straight Up Breakbeat

    My most ambitious musical project “Mineral – Where Do The Sounds Come From?” LP is out on Straight Up Breakbeat. Listen & Stream & Shop at your favorite platform: https://subb.fanlink.to/mineral-album

    The reviews & feedback has been incredible, some highlights below…

    Gremlinz, Metalheadz, 5/5: “cool stuff!”

    Amy Dabbs, 5/5: “Amazing release – all bangers x.”

    FFF, Myor Massiv: 5/5: “Sick!! All killers!! Will definitely support”

    Jay Cunning, 5/5: “Simply amazing, such great varied styles! love it!”

    Yorobi, 5/5: “the tunes are very versatile and in such different and coherent styles.”

    Diverge, Metalheadz: 5/5: “Cool tracks”

    Muffler, Unique Music 5/5: “massive tunes!”

    Sweetpea, Hospitality, 4/5: “niceeeee”

    BOP Hospital / Abstract Elements – 10/10 yes yes, atmospheric jungle is back, love it!

    Clear-Cutz After Dark Radio / Only Oldskool – 10/10 A very good Lp. Thanks so much

    Orion YleX Finland – 10/10 Wonderful!

    Duburban Donnie Murdo – 10/10 real lush vibes!

    Infader – 10/10 Solid work from the finnish master of the atmospheric sound.

    Mister Shifter – 9/10 Listened to the entire album on a 3.5 drive yesterday. Loved it! Going into my DJ rotation.

    Russ T Eruption Radio – 10/10 Big tunes!!!

    Microcosm – 10/10 Awesome track! Beautiful vibes but heavy as well!!!

    John Rolodex Machinist – 8/10 World class nostalgia!

    Trey Weekend Rush – 10/10 Such vibes Incredible tune BIG UPS

    Stunna Bassdrive – 10/10 BIG business here!

    And much more……… Makes me humble, honored and happy. Many thanks to ODJ Dizzy, the label head for the support, plus all of you friends out there who have encouraged me to continue my musical journey. Time to celebrate. Thanks, have a good weekend, peace!

  • Mineral – One Day – free track

    Hi folks! To celebrate my forthcoming birthday tomorrow, and as a token of gratitude towards all of you out there, I want to share a gift, a new free track: Mineral – One Day. It is an atmospheric drum’n’bass tune strongly influenced by  the 90’s golden era of atmospheric dnb. I want to dedicate this song to my late grandmother, who was always very supportive towards my music. She used to listen for hours while I played the piano and improvised melodies of my own back then. Some of the piano stems in this song are actually recordings of myself playing the piano over two decades ago. I wanted to grasp a moment of time from the past and carry it to the present moment.

    As you may notice, this track has a relatively long intro, around 2,5 minutes in total. And the total length of the track is nearly 9 minutes. The BPM is 160, giving some space to breath & groove both for the breaks and the melodic parts. Wanted to create something slow, yet evolving. So leave your stress for about 10 mins, relax, grab a cup of coffee/beer and I enjoy the song. – Mineral 9.12.2022

    Available at:

    ps. my biggest thanks & recommendations to Resoundsound for the mastering duties.

    Mineral - One Day - free track

  • Eschaton & Mineral – Neon Streets LP released on Omni Music

    Honored to collaborate with Omni Music owner Eschaton. Our co-LP ”Neon Streets” is finally released, a project we have worked on for over a year now. The 12 tracks on the LP are filled with breakbeats, dreamy melodies, and retro aesthetics that takes us all the way back to the 80’s style.

    We have tried to create something unique by blending each others’ styles and trademark sounds. I must say that collaborating with Eschaton has been extremely fruitful and I have learned a lot from this talented artist during the process. ✅ Hope you like the music we have created ♥️ – Mineral

    Eschaton & Mineral – Neon Streets LP

    Omni owner Eschaton teams up with the prodigous Mineral to create a saga of breakbeats, retro melodics and sublime atmospheric DnB. This new meeting of minds showcases each of their individual styles symbiotically merged together to provide something quite special. From uplifting amen cuts & piano driven Drumfunk to 80’s infused head nodders, this is an LP of contrasting sounds somehow glued together effortlessly. Fans of both artists won’t be disappointed, as Eschaton & Mineral dig deep into their musical repertoire to give them something new to dream to.Available now at:




    And all other good online stores.

    Hope you enjoy the music!

    Eschaton & Mineral collaborate to create a unique LP by blending styles from both musicians. Enjoy!
    Hope you enjoy the musical visions by Eschaton & Mineral!

  • Mineral & Moakz – Helsinki to Hampshire released

    Hi folks! I am happy to announce that our collaboration EP with Moakz was released on Omni Music a couple of weeks back. I have really enjoyed collaborating with mr. Moakz. We will continue our collaboration soon, as I was excited to get an invitation to perform a DJ gig 1st October 2022 at the UK at the Codename Amen -event where Moakz is also performing. Thanks for the collabs mate and really looking forward to the Codename Amen!

    Grab it here: Helsinki to Hampshire EP | Mineral & Moakz | Omni Music (bandcamp.com)

  • Esc & Mineral – Satellite EP released on Vinyl

    “Satellite EP” by Esc & Mineral is out today!
    GET YOURS: https://escmineral.bandcamp.com/
    Thanks so much for the feedback & support to Mantra, Loxy, DJ Flight, J:KENZO, Jay Cunning, LTJ Bukem, Gremlinz, Resound, Krust, St. Laurent DnB, Gary Scott, Eschaton, Unearthed Sounds among many others… It has been incredible to hear your support in your gigs & shows.
    Many thanks to ODJ Dizzy at Straight Up Breakbeat headquarters for making this happen, plus Fanu for mastering and Beau for cutting duties.
    #jungle #dnb #breaks #dnb #dnbfinland #escbreaks #djmineral #subb

    Esc & Mineral - Satellite EP on SUBB

  • Mineral ft. Resound – Sustain EP released

    Hi people, great news! The next EP on Omni Music by myself is out. This time I got a great opportunity to collaborate with my good friend Resound, who did a remix of my track “The Whispers Within”. Thanks Ilpo and Omni head quarters! Hope you enjoy Mineral ft. Resound – Sustain EP. Have a great summer!

    The unstoppable Mineral is back once again. He has crafted more intrictate works of art as deep vibes and melodic bliss entice the listener further and further into his layers of sound. Punchy drums, emotional synths and powerful bass propel these beautiful compositions forward expertly mixing danceable rhythms with moving and emotive harmonies. The veteran beat master Resound jumps on board for remix duties where he takes the original elements of ‘The Whispers Within’ and blends them into his own incredible new tale.

  • Mineral – The Wind Calls EP released

    Proudly presenting, Mineral – The Wind Calls EP. Released two days ago on Omni Music. Hope you enjoy the music!

    “The incredible Mineral rises up once more with yet another EP of startling sounds to please your ears. He has made an incredible comeback since 2021 and shows no signs of stopping his rapid and heartfelt musical visions. This new EP picks up where his LP left off and continues with crispbreakbeats, emotional melodies and serene pads. Omni are pleased that Mineral has fired up his imagination to offer us more timeless music, and expect much much more to come.”

    Many thanks to Chris Wright at Omni Music for the trust & all you supporters. – Mineral 1.2.2022

    My personal favorite of the EP is the final track of the EP, “Why Don’t We See”. It is a track where I was able to express my musical visions the way I always wanted.

  • Two guest mixes: Metius Music show on Jungletrain and Vykhod Sily

    Hi folks, a great week musicwise! Got invitations to join the brilliant Metius Music show at jungletrain.net 22nd January, and the famous Vykhod Sily -series 27th. Was a great opportunity to play some of my favorite music atm, showcase some great artists and also promote some of my forthcoming material.

    psssst…. ** Mineral – The Wind Calls EP out 30.1. on Omni Music**….
    pssssst 2…. ** Zero Two compilation w/ Mineral – Source Control out 4.2. on StraightUpBreakbeat**…

    Please check the recordings below:

    22.1.2022 – Metius Music show at Jungletrain hosted by Adz Smith, Guest mix by Mineral (starting around 30 mins)

    27.1.2022 – Vykhod Sily guest mix by Mineral

    Many thanks to both Adz Smith and Rostislav Iakushevich for the invitations. Was a blast!

    Forthcoming 30.1.2022 – Mineral – The Wind Calls EP on Omni Music

  • Mineral – Existence – free atmo dnb track

    Today marks my 40th birthday, and I wish to celebrate it with you:

    Please enjoy my new track “Mineral – Existence” as a free download.

    This is atmospheric dnb, a genre that I am profoundly connected with. Big greetings to all of you who have supported during the years, and especially the Atmospheric Drum & Bass Revival -friends at the FB group. The community keeps the genre alive and in good health!

    The artwork picture is by myself, took a photo a week ago. Beautiful winter scenery in Finland. Thought it fits the moods of the track. May the music fill your days with joy. – Mineral 10.12.2021

    ps. thanks to Resound @ Resoundsound for the mastering. Big ups. Much recommended.

  • Mineral – Return of Hope LP released

    My album Return of Hope was released yesterday on Omni Music recordings. A pivotal day for me, a dream come true. Hope you enjoy the music! Available at bandcamp, juno, beatport among other recordshops, links below.

    Available at:

    Omni Music Bandcamp
    Beatport -recordshop
    Junodownload -recordshop

    The incredible talent of Mineral is back to follow up his incredible debut EP on Omni with a lush new LP that is full to the brim with sublime harmonies. Delicate melodies playfully twist and turn throughout as they dance melodiously with the soaring pads and atmospheric beats. Floating through a myriad flavours of atmospheric drum and bass, Mineral has shown that he is a talent that has a long way to go, from the modern break-work on The Whispers Within to his homage to the original 90’s sounds with the beautiful Inspirations, this soaring collection of works is another classic in the making and proves just adept Mineral is at creating music for the mind, body and soul.

    Featured at YleX
    Many thanks to Matti 8 and Sonny for the invitation to promote my music including this album at the national radio in Finland YleX a few weeks back. Much appreciated. The recording of the show is here and my “loppukiri” guestmix starts around 1h44mins of the show.